Scorpio 2015, generous in all sorts of lessons and puzzles in General-for all signs, is also preparing a difficult test. They will be linked with the character of the representative of this sign, and it is known to be very difficult.

Love horoscope for Women Scorpio for 2015

Scorpio women in 2015, if they want to live this year in love and harmony with their companions, should learn to be quieter-not to worry about trifles, and about those things in which nothing can change or anticipate.

"Better safe than sorry" is a great saying, but don't forget about the other "Everywhere straw will not put". The stars remind women born in the sign of Scorpio, that no one else troubles is not good. You can also try to anticipate future difficulties and take preventive measures for their prevention, it is a useful quality, should just do it more calmly. Do not remove his family and friends for their calls, if they are late for a meeting. Remember the experience-not necessarily what happened, most likely, the reasons for delay are quite different, everyday and banal.

Love horoscope for Men-Scorpio for 2015

Our Love Horoscope for 2015 advises Scorpio Men to start repairing closer to spring, especially for single representatives of this sign who can not find the only one that will become their spouse. A new situation, not only that will add to your strength and give you a fresh look at the world (yes, the usual change of wallpaper is sometimes capable of miracles!), But will require a feast in the mountain in its honor. And according to the way the Stars have settled this year, it is on their own arranged festivities that the Scorpion knight is most likely to find their love in this period.

Those who are born in this sign, who has a partner, and those who are lucky, who will change their status to "in love" by the summer, should not forget the elementary rules of good taste, keep in mind, dear Scorpio Men, no one likes "tram "Boors and sluts. The place thrown by the urn of a cigarette butt and an old man who has not been ceded in transport to an elderly person will not add to you brutality, by no means, can in one case spoil your opinion, and it can sometimes be very difficult to restore it.