The love horoscope for 2015 predicts to all Virgos the best year from the last five-year plan, it promises to be fruitful in everything. From you, the Virgin Women and the Maiden, men, it would take, it would seem, all-nothing: do not make stupid mistakes due to imprudence or thoughtlessness. Do not spoil everything that the Stars are ready to give you this year.

Love horoscope for Women-Virgo for 2015

The first decade of the year, the women of the Virgin will meet in an unusual New Year mood - they are full of plans, enthusiasm and imagination. The final month of the year turned out to be very useful and constructive for them, albeit not easy, and now they are ready to put into practice all their accumulated experience. Well, go ahead, Virgo girls, now there should not be anything or someone from any visible horizon who will put you in the wheel, most importantly, do not slow yourself down, discard your usual rationalism, allow yourself such an important trifle as to dream, the main thing is to do it in a childlike way, wholeheartedly, without fear of appearing ridiculous and not criticizing yourself. And who knows - maybe this year you will see the embodiment of much of what you "hint" to yourself in January.

Unmarried, but neogynona women-Virgo out this year on a long-awaited, well-deserved final stage of testing with their loved ones. You both have so much confidence in each other that there is, in the end, the reasons for quarrels and you simply will enjoy, finally, the joy can give to each other without scandals and mutual "nurturing". The decision to create a family will come to you at the same time, which is not surprising, – Stars assure us that the time for that just arrived. Do not hold lavish celebrations, think about the option of private wedding somewhere in the Islands on the ocean, or a wedding in the Church of Karelia, which will last a lifetime your overall a small but important secret. This turn will allow you in subsequent years to experience difficult times your integrity, and you really brought together.

Love horoscope for Male virgin in 2015

The Virgin Maidens, on the contrary, in the first half of the year, seem to rediscover in themselves the "instinct of contradiction" in relation to the whole world, which will look almost like a declaration of war-the tired foundations, order, surroundings and even the walls of the home. It can not be said that at this time you can be called a mature and intelligent person, based on your behavior, but the better that, despite this, the Stars are encouraging you with the promise that there will certainly be a complete opposite to this your universal disagreement-good, caring, fragile girl, whom you will want to take care of, and which you will undertake to protect from all possible adversities. And this will undoubtedly be the right decision, despite the fact that much later you can realize how much strength and courage in this airy, unearthly creation.

2015 for men, Dev will be favorable in all spheres, but there is also a special warning from the Stars - you need to reconsider your attitude to lies in general and your relations with it in particular. This year promises a lot of stupid, vexing and simply shameful situations for the Virgo men, to whom they can embellish and distort the "events" in the language, thanks to their talent. Male Virgos who do not engage in regular sports training should take a more cautious approach to their start-do not immediately set records, it is unlikely that you will succeed, and the risk of injury during this period is very high.