In the future, 2015, women and men-Gemini, as usual, will be held hostage to their changeable mood. How to cope with the acute need for all kinds of contacts, now and then throughout this year, strive to put women and men of this sign in front of a difficult for them dilemma: to be alone or together with "whoever" will tell our Love horoscope for 2015.

Love horoscope for Women Gemini for 2015

As "off the bat," the Gemini Woman starting right from the time of the Christmas holidays will be like a drop of mercury this year - mobile, brilliant, elusive ... And yet dangerous in its harmfulness - both for oneself and others , when she herself, easily adapting to any circumstances and changes, will forget sometimes about the interests and desires of her loved ones and start putting her world upside down.

And to do it in 2015, it will be unexpected and not always constructive ways: no one knows that tomorrow she will need to have the main design in the apartment - a cozy nest, or creative chaos. In the summer, a frivolous pursuit for all sorts of acute sensations can cause the representatives of this sign, who do not tolerate slowness and long reasoning, to leave her husband and children in the holiday season and go on a trip "light" alone. However, for certain the household is already accustomed to such your "freaks", and will treat this with understanding.

Autumn 2015 the Stars advise you to devote to parenting. And in an unusual but effective style that mothers sign Gemini – to teach them not discipline and love of order, and the curiosity and desire for new things, which almost surely they will come in handy as often as anything else.

Love horoscope for Men-Gemini for 2015

This year, thanks to the charisma of Male Twins and their special rare charm to them much is forgiven. Despite the frequent inconsistency and complacency, they manage to achieve considerable success.

The stars prophesy during the first half of 2015 a lot of chances to climb up the career ladder, flashing with their rare skills to do several things at once, keep everything in mind and appear, as if at once in two places (albeit with delay).

In the family circle and with partners of this sign, one should not hesitate to use their natural qualities of diplomats and politicians - it is quite possible that they will face such situations when they will not have to tell the truth without telling lies, or support the opposite points of view in order to preserve peace. But, anyway, closer to winter, the Gemini-Men, despite their extraordinary mind, will start to make one by one stupid mistakes in their relationships with their companions of life, being in a bad mood. Feel free to apologize, admit your mistakes - otherwise they risk leading to parting.