To more easily experience the pre-holiday fuss and have time to buy the necessary gifts, follow the following rules:

  1. Decide on a budget. Before you start looking for gifts, you have to decide how much they can spend.
  2. You can directly see which gifts you wish to receive your family and friends. If this fails or there is not a specific response, then analyze the status and financial status, Hobbies (hobby), traits of those people whom you are going to congratulate.
  3. For your spouse to choose a gift a little easier, since you know his desires and dreams quite well. Can buy him a jewel. If your budget does not allow this, then give unique Christmas decorations (candles, figurines, etc.) and sweets.

  • Whole family you can celebrate the New year outside the city or in the cosy restaurant.
  • As a rule, children are very openly Express their desires and certainly long before the New year you know very well what they want. Usually it's toys, or various gaming consoles.
  • His friends congratulate happy New year by sending them a cute greeting card with best wishes.
  • What to give for the New year 2015 friend

    In the life of each person there are not so many friends and girlfriends who become members of the family during their lifetime. Therefore, the choice of a gift for the New Year for a friend becomes part of the preparation for the winter celebration. It is not necessary to present something dear to the girlfriend, the main thing is attention. When choosing a gift, be guided by the following principles:

    • Analyze mutual interests and Hobbies, this can be a joint exercise, going to the movies or concerts, etc. All this will help you in choosing a gift
    • Give a friend a book. It could be a new novel by her favorite author or the cookbook, which is an indispensable helper in the kitchen
    • An excellent gift for the New Year can serve as a gift certificate for visiting the SPA-salon, so that a friend could escape from everyday worries
    • Organize a joint trip to the cinema, theatre or a trip to the resort, but make sure that it have nothing planned at this time
    • Of course, you know that collecting friend. A wonderful present will be some addition to her collection

    What to give for a New 2014 – 2015 parents

    There are many ways to congratulate your parents. This requires only a desire and a little imagination. To choose a New Year's surprise for parents is not difficult, because you know their habits and hobbies very well. And, for sure, in your family there are traditions of celebrating the New Year.

    For example: Dad fisherman - buy him a new fishing rod or tackle, my mother likes to draw - give her a set of paints or brushes. You can also give them cash certificates of specialized stores, where they themselves will choose what they like. If the parents have common interests, for example, travel, then you can safely buy them one gift for two - it can be a new travel bag, guide or clutch for documents.

    If you have unlimited funds, then make them happy by buying a travel package for two.

    A gift to the grandparents for the New year

    Most grandmothers and grandfathers, as is known, are delighted with everything that has to do with their grandchildren and rejoice, receiving sentimental gifts. Such presentations can be:

    1. A family photo of your family, decorated in Christmas style
    2. Card or crafts handmade
    3. T-shirt or Cup with a personalized message, "I love you, grandma", "You're the best grandpa"
    4. If your grandmother loves to cook, give her appliances for the kitchen, and a good book will satisfy grandfather
    5. A beautiful handmade album with pictures of grandparents and the times of their youth, with various anniversaries and birthdays of your parents and other important dates that were in the life of your family. Use the calligraphy complement each photo and their statements

    Give gifts and joy to the New Year to your beloved and native people, because they have a piece of your love that will warm your family with warmth!