For many girls and women it is very difficult to decide what to give to your boyfriend or husband for the New Year. In the year of the Sheep, you can present a nice warm woolen sweater or scarf. An excellent addition to the gift will be a postcard with a picture of a lamb with various wishes. A set of two tea or coffee cups and discs with your favorite music, to which you can spend winter frosty evenings together in an atmosphere of romance, drinking hot tea is also a good choice.

By the way, happy flowers for those born in the year of the sheep are red, green and purple, and happy flowers are carnations and primroses.

Original gift guy on New year 2015

We bring to your attention some recommendations on the choice of the original New Year's gift:

  1. Don't be afraid to directly ask your guy what he wants. And if you want to surprise him, heed to his wishes. If a specific answer is no, then try to remember and analyze what he often talked and dreamed about. If you are unable to decide what it wants to do, then proceed to the next step.
  2. Consider the overall lifestyle and habits of your boyfriend. For example: he is a sports fan, a workaholic, a student and so on. All this will help you narrow down the circle of choice.
  3. Think about its social and financial status. If your partner is financially secure and can afford to buy yourself anything you want, focus on it, gave him an exquisite gift that he will appreciate, such as: cufflinks, belt, cigarette case or wallet famous brands. Do not hesitate to give him something to do with your relationship. The more sentimental value of the gift, the less he will think about how much it costs.

  • You can give your man the items or equipment that are directly related to his hobby. For example, if lover – boy is a diver, give him a guide to diving. If a man collects and collects model trains, then you should learn more about his collection to buy the right instance. If he does digital photography, the compact flash card will be useful, but before buying find out what type of card suitable for his camera.
  • Likes to party, clubs and bars, the best gift is a card, giving him a VIP membership to one of his favorite venues.
  • Selfish gift key chain, cigarette case, medallion engraved with his name.
  • If your guy is an activist, then determine in what area (political / environment / social) and subscribe to the newsletter or register on the website and enter it as an activist group, or try to give him a receipt for a donation in his name to charity.

  • The athlete will buy the ticket for big games or souvenir, signed by his idol.
  • If your man likes to eat deliciously, then bake or order his favorite cake, decorating with wishes.
  • Your boyfriend is a music lover? The best gift for him may be the headphone or the player, as well as tickets to the concert of your favorite artist or group.
  • Best gift for boyfriend on New year 2015

    Every man, regardless of age, needs love, tenderness and care. So give it all to him on New Year's Eve. And let the warmth of your heart give your beloved the awareness that you are the one and only that he sought and found. You should always remain attractive, charming and mysterious for him, all this will be the best gift on New Year's Eve.

    Advice: it is not necessary to give to your boyfriend for the new year underwear, socks, vases, figurines, paintings, posters, bumper stickers and so on. It is beaten and corny.