A calm and proud Lion in 2015 will show not only the ability to achieve success in any area of ​​life, but also the ability to entertain the public and have fun most.

Speaking of winter, astrologers hint: in order to avoid routine, find yourself a new job with frequent business trips. Spring prepares for you a lot of difficulties in business, and if you manage to pass them, then in June you can go on vacation or arrange a corporate without a reason. Of course, this is allowed only to those who will prove themselves to the authorities from the best side.

If the first half of the year is passed by you to the top five, then in the second half you can safely do everything that the soul desires: give time to children, a hobby, a dog, relatives or philosophize and write a novel - the stars say that after an interesting rest, fatigue will pass very soon .

Horoscope for women Lion in 2015

The Lion Woman is ambitious, she has got used to achieve her by all the truths and crooks, but the wise Wooden Goat does not accept dishonest struggle. The horoscope for February-April promises that the representatives of the weaker sex will gain confidence in their abilities, stop fighting for the first place in society and give themselves to the beloved cause.

On the love front, the women-lions are undergoing a change. Those who are tired of constant conflicts, should decide to break. If there is love in your family, then you are lucky, and it's time to think about replenishing.

Lonely Lioness will not remain without male attention. August can give a meeting with an interesting person, but you should be treated with caution for a new friend. Do not expose flaunt their financial independence, it can attract fans to profit at the expense of others.

Health of representatives of the weaker sex born in the period of influence of the Leo sign, in 2015, no promises. But still, do not neglect simple rules. If you want to get rid of bad habits, it's better to start fighting in April-May. In the same period, astrologers recommend, if possible, to go to a sanatorium for health improvement. Choose a warm region, corresponding to the elements of Fire.

Horoscope for men-Lion for 2015

Talkability, dynamism and talent, to make the right decisions, are typical for almost every Leo-man.

2015 will be fruitful. The most significant in his career would be September-October. Regardless of the time of year you should carefully inspect all work papers, otherwise you run the risk of becoming an unofficial member of scams. In the fall descend to the regulatory authorities, then you're in trouble.

For love victories and great exploits, it is better to choose the beginning-middle of the summer. Stars also recommend the male Lion not to bring working problems home. Your relatives are always ready to support you, but they should not feel angry because of disobedient subordinates or broken deals.

Speaking of entertainment, astrologers point out: to take a good walk, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Only those who earn not thousands but tens and even hundreds of thousands can live on a broad foot. So you have to spend just as much as your pocket is able to lose without loss for the family budget. This does not apply to investments, even if you wanted to invest in some kind of entertainment facility. In this case, the stars on your side are all 2015. March will be especially successful for such transactions.