Year of the Wooden Goat in Gemini will pass under the sign of big and small changes. Winter promises to give inspiration and help with the organization of busy everyday life. Useful acquaintances, brilliant plans and increased working capacity are guaranteed to lead you to success.

The spring period will be remembered by emotional overload.

The summer months will affect personal relationships, because Twins-workaholks do not always find time to travel with friends and a soul mate to nature, going to the theater or to a foamy party.

September promises to present a romantic adventure, thereby diverting representatives of the pair sign of the Zodiac from work and home worries.

Horoscope for women Gemini for 2015

Representatives of the fair sex in the Year of the Wooden Goat are ready to radically change their lives. Stars recommend a woman under the patronage of Gemini to show patience and make every effort to not only build a career, but also to put in order its appearance. After all, even a successful lady should look great, otherwise a high status in society may be shaken.

The grandiose plans and inexorable speed of events will lead to emotional exhaustion in April. However, only a week of rest will help you to gather your thoughts and continue to work actively on your future.

Astrologers note that married girls in the summer are paying too much attention to careers, and they do not notice the beauty of working days. Pay attention to relatives and friends: the sea, the forest, the night in tents - and the vector of your life will change its direction!

Lonely women-Gemini horoscope promises luck in love affairs by the end of 2015. It's time to think about the future and start a stormy romance with a new admirer! Do not be shy to be sexy - men like intrigue.

Autumn is a time of reflection and career growth, and therefore it is important for all representatives of the Gemini sign to plan the next year right now. Submit an order to the authorities, and by the New Year you may be surprised by a rise and a serious position. Use connections with influential people to achieve their long-standing goals.

Horoscope for men-Twins on 2015

If you were lucky enough to be born during the reign of the Gemini sign, then the year of the Wooden Goat is your star time!

Winter will affect your career - during this period you are not in the best shape, and at work, the sense from you is not enough. However, the spring-summer period makes it possible to impress the people around. Intrepidity and self-will should go to the background, and you as a representative of the stronger sex have all the chances to show their advantages both on the personal front and in the gym.

Stars recommend that men-the Twins not to throw words, but only the case and good results to prove the superiority and strengthen its position in society.

All representatives of the Zodiac sign are distinguished by their multifaceted interests. This leads to the accumulation of a large number of unfinished business. May-August 2015 - it's time to retake all your threes in affairs of love and workers.

Horoscope for October-November promises good news to Gemini men. Probably, your second half is waiting for the baby. So, happiness is not far off!