Purposeful Weights in the year of the Wooden Goat solve all the problems without problems. Perseverance and willingness to apply creative formulas lead the representative of this sign to the top of recognition in the team.

Horoscope for 2015 predicts all Libra (both men and women) independence and strong support from close people. Astrologers note that your consistency in business will bear fruit by August.

Horoscope for women-Weights for 2015

Solving the accumulated problems will take away a lot of effort and time for women in Libra in 2015. Winter promises to be saturated, February will be especially difficult. Resist fatigue and escape to rest you will not have an opportunity until July, so have patience.

March-April is the period when you need to take care of your home. Postpone expensive purchases in mid-May, and today start to plan a little cosmetic repair of your housing, think over the shades of future paintings and furniture. Comfort in the house is a pledge of moral rest after a hard working day.

In love, the horoscope for 2015 promises women-Libra change. Focus on the intimate side of the relationship. If the marriage breaks up before your eyes, you should ask, first of all, with yourself, as in many family troubles most often emotional and demanding Libra are to blame. Be ready to concede, listen to the partner and give him more warmth. Your partner is not perfect, like you, so it's time to learn to enjoy each other, and stop annoying at the slightest occasion.

A star map shows that August-September is the best time for long-distance travel with children. Energy for a few weeks and inspiration to the end of the year – something that could give a foreign country. Bring a camera, so that each delicious moment was captured and added to the album of your life.

Health this year will not fail you.

Horoscope for Libra men 2015

The patronage of the Wooden Goat promises to the sophisticated men-Libra a new stage on the love front and great changes in the work.

Astrologers recommend choosing the most favorable months of April-May to create something new.

Summer time must pass under the sign of romance and lightness. Take care of the presence of original ideas in case of unexpected fun. For married Libra July will be a boiling point, and the decision to divorce is not long to wait. To restrain the heat will help the fishing, recreation and camping with friends in a strip bar. How long have you felt young? Hot summer – time to think about yourself.

In October, the world recommends that the men-Libra make serious transactions, for example, the purchase of real estate. Invest in long-term projects - horoscope for November-December 2015 promises a decent profit for those who are willing to take risks.

Career of the stronger sex this year is unlikely to go up, but the support of relatives and closest friends will help to avoid a bad mood. Do not aggravate long-standing and protracted conflicts with colleagues and superiors, otherwise you risk remaining in a broken trough. At best, you will be cut pay, at worst you will be asked to find another job. If you still decided to abandon attempts to climb the corporate ladder at your company, December is the best time to find a new project.