Divination for Christmas: how to tell fortunes on his girlfriend

Christmas - a wonderful bright holiday, when you want to plunge into a miracle, believe in magic and the impossible. That's probably why on Christmas Eve they often guess at love and make wishes. Does your girl think about you? Is she destined to be your second half? Does it keep you faithful? There are a few simple and interesting fortunetelling that will help you reveal the secrets of the present and look into the future.

How to guess a girl for Christmas

If you decide to tell the girl and find out if you are destined to be together, try guessing by the hair. Pour at midnight into a bowl of water, adding to it a pinch of salt, sugar and ash. Thoroughly mix the water, then throw two hair into it: your favorite girl and your own. Leave the plate overnight. If you see in the morning that the hair is intertwined, you can expect a wedding. If the hair is located at a distance from each other, you will soon be parted.

Guessing on love girls

Very simple and popular divination - on matches. Set fire to two matches inserted at the sides of the matchbox. If the burned matches "turned" to each other heads, you will be together with your beloved.

Interesting guessing, like a game, – "Broken hearts". It is perfect for meeting friends for Christmas. To spend, you need to prepare in advance of the figures of hearts out of cardboard, by cutting each "heart" in an arbitrary manner. The number of figures hearts should be half the number of participants of divination. Cut figures, one needs to mix and give guests each a half of a "heart". During the game participants are looking for "couple".

Divination, betraying girls: how to know whether to change the girl

A common guesswork for the betrayal of a girl is fortune-telling on ashes. In the evening, prepare a bag with a handful of ash wrapped in it and place under your pillow favorite when she falls asleep. Taking the ash in the morning, gently spread it on the palm. Go to the open window or window, pull out the palm with ash. If the wind blows away the ash without a trace, rest assured, your beloved is not true to you. If the ash flies, but not immediately, but gradually - your girl does not yet change you, but, perhaps, will do it in the future. If you are left, there is nothing to worry about, your favorite will always be with you and no one needs you except you.

However, whatever fortune telling you choose, and whatever you predicted, remember that we are the creators of our destiny. Be sure of your happiness, and fortune will always be on your side.