Have prepared the outfit for the new year, but do not know what flavor to complete your image, so that it will be remembered for a long time, and no one could tear your eyes from you? We will help you! Make up the Snow Maiden. He will suit both for the performances, and in order to prepare his girlfriend and finish her image. You will be the brightest and unforgettable with this make-up. Proceed quickly to the case, using the step-by-step instruction with the photo below.

To work you need to:

  • blue lens (blue)
  • shadow (a few shades lighter skin, Golden, brown, dark brown)
  • the transparent base
  • silver liner
  • eyeliner black
  • pencil black
  • false eyelashes
  • glue for false eyelashes
  • mascara black
  • Curling Curling
  • blue rhinestones, two large white rhinestones
  • white, blue paint
  • sugar
  • lip gloss

Step by step instructions:

  • Winter image of snow maiden would look good blue eyes. Since the end is added a lot of blue outlines. You can use blue (blue lens), you can use depends on your desire. For example, they want to emphasize the image and make the eyes this beautiful shade of snow depth.
  • On the top part of the century and the lower part of the blend of shade that on a couple of shades lighter than your skin or just warm. On the top ends of the contour must end under the eyebrow line.
  • Then draw the lower lid with the gold shadow. Now we get to the eyebrow (as shown in the figure below).
  • Turn to brown shadows. In the middle of the upper movable century blend brown shadow (see figure below). The shadows blend so that the previous layer (gold) was seen. The dimming effect by the middle of the create.
  • Now take a dark brown shadow. Also apply on the upper lid, again leaving the edges brown ( darker towards the middle that was the effect). The result is the shaded side in the crease.
  • For fixing the shadows you can apply a transparent base (to make was for the entire evening and not crumbled), if you used a better shade, then the result can not be sustained.
  • Take the liner silver color and apply it on the upper eyelid to fill the gaps, not dyed shades (see picture below). You can apply Foundation and her special glitter if you don't have in stock liner.
  • On the upper eyelid eyeliner (you can use pencil black color) draw the arrow within the corner of your eye (you can take the arrow to your liking and desire, the main thing do not overdo it with its size, it should be small).
  • Go to the miscellaneous eyelashes. Pre tighten up their tongs, you can leave them in original form. If necessary, the lashes need to be cut to the required size. Then take the glue and following the instructions spread it on the workpiece (we need to spread, wait 20 seconds for it to become thick and sticky, and then stick to the eye). You need to glue them just above your own lashes, the glue should not get in the eyes. If he got caught, then you should immediately wash the eyes. Pasted them from the inside to the outside.
  • Take a pencil (you can use eyeliner) and on the lower part of the eye and draw the strip, as indicated in the figure below. Carefully progressivem.
  • Ink color bottom lashes, optional touch-up and upper.

Here and ready our Foundation! Charming makeover has been completed! It is suitable for any holiday! Bright and charming, you will not leave anyone indifferent! You can leave this option.

But for the final image of the magical Snow Maiden, we need a little more creativity.

  • Will paste the rhinestones on the inner part of the eye (white). Then a small blue rhinestones decorate the left side of the eyelid (along the dark brown shadow), three under the eyebrow, above the eyebrow in a chaotic manner will be scattered them. You can entire face to cover the light shade of Foundation or eye shadow that you used in the beginning (a couple of shades lighter than the skin).
  • Lipstick, lip gloss, a light shade and then dipping them in sugar (like ice on your lips).
  • With the help of white and blue paint, we create an ornament that starts from the left eyelid and goes to the very hair.

Now our bewitching makeup is completely ready! Be the most beautiful and memorable on this holiday! Charm everyone around!