Divination on the night before Christmas: how to tell a girl about a guy

Christmas is a wonderful bright holiday, which both adults and children are eagerly awaiting to make wishes and feel the joy of the Christmas miracle. For a long time people believed that the night of Christmas is a time enveloped in a magical mystery and anticipation of good changes.

Fortune-telling on the guy the night before Christmas

Divination on Christmas Eve has long been considered the most accurate, and dreams that will be celebrated on Christmas Eve are prophetic. No wonder to this day the girls are so waiting for the evening on January 6 to find out the name of the future guy, how he will look and whether or not to plan a wedding in the coming year.

It is popular and very interesting to divulge a guy with a ring, with which you can find out what the next guy will look like. It is necessary to take a usual transparent glass and fill it with water by two-thirds. Then gently lower the engagement ring into it. If you peer through the water for a long time in the center of the lowered ring, you can see the face of the guy destined for you by destiny.

Looking on the night of Christmas, you can find out not only the appearance of the future guy, but also the character of the chosen one. For this, the girl needs to stroke the cat. If the animal zarchit, the guesser is destined to meet a kind and affectionate young man. If the cat becomes scratched, the guy will be an irritable and conflicting person. If the cat is meowing and crouching, fate has prepared for the girl a talkative and loving spouse. If the animal escapes, there will not be a fateful meeting in the near future.

How to tell fortunes on the guy on the cards

If you believe in divination, then on the night of Christmas, you must have at hand at hand. Choose from the deck a diamond king's card and before going to bed, put it under the pillow, not forgetting to guess the person who sunk into your soul. Dreaming a dream with the guy of your dreams will become prophetic.

How to tell fortune to a guy

One of the most common divination is to go out at midnight to the street and ask the name of the first person to meet. The name of the first responded young man will be the name of the girl's future girlfriend.

To guess the name of a guy can also be with the help of a gold ring. To do this, you need to lay out the papers with the names of the guys who claim the hand and heart of the girl. This divination is also suitable, if you decide to betray a former guy, the thoughts of which still do not leave you. We take a gold ring and pass a thread through it. We spend a thread with a suspended ring over pieces of paper with names. Above the one above which the ring has rippled more, and the name of the future guy is written.