Exotic greenish olive fruit oval was originally known only in distant Brazil, however, the increased thermostability of the plants has allowed it to spread worldwide in a relatively short period of time. Now especially sophisticated gardeners manage to grow feijoa and at home! In our latitudes, these berries appear in November and December, which served as a good incentive to cook a variety of dishes, as well as preservation for the cold season. Of course, the hostess will not appreciate that kind of Goodies winter period – however is it as good as they say?

Useful properties of feijoa

Useful properties, according to experts, the berries very much, and they are subject to a significant amount:

  • iodinated compounds. The fruit is incredibly useful for people with diseases of the thyroid gland, the digestive tract (gastritis), kidney (pyelonephritis).
  • essential oils. Their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects will help to support the immune resources at a consistently high level will have a General therapeutic effect and will serve as powerful catalyst for various colds. In addition, berries are recommended for consumption to those suffering from headaches, depression. In cosmetics they are used as a means to fight the clogging of pores.
  • vitamins of groups b and C. That is why when vitamin deficiency healing properties of feijoa are very welcome.
  • fiber, pectin, which are essential for the stable operation of the gastrointestinal tract and facilitate digestion.
  • antioxidants and natural dietary Supplements. These vital elements help to slow down aging of the skin, improve its elasticity and prevent the appearance of cancer cells.

It would be absolutely unacceptable to remain silent about the beneficial properties of the leaves of feijoa, which has found its application in medicine. Among them:

  • disinfection and healing of wounds due to its excellent antiseptic effect
  • dental monitor the condition of the gums and teeth. A gargle made of the decoction of the leaves, helps fight gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • ointments and gels consisting of plant extracts or the already mentioned essential oils. These tools are often indispensable in the treatment of rheumatism.


As each product feijoa is inherent not only useful properties and contraindications. But they are quite minor: it is a idiosyncrasy of a component that is part of the berries, the aggravation of some diseases of the digestive system and excessive consumption of ripe fruit during the period of active weight loss. If in doubt – consult a doctor to confirm or, more likely, to dispel them.

Don't miss your chance to use the properties of feijoa with the maximum benefit!