Elixir of youth has not yet been found, but most cosmetic brands periodically release his "substitutes", promising women to rid them of wrinkles and return the skin all the charm of youth. One of the most effective such miracle products for today is a face mask from wrinkles, designed to have the maximum anti-aging effect due to the various components that each brand-manufacturer has its own. And if you are already thinking about buying New Year's gifts - such a "magic" cosmetic product can become a wonderful gift for the herringbone. How to choose an anti-age face mask, and what brands to pay attention to - this and talk just below.

The main criteria for choosing a face mask from wrinkles

Before we disassemble specific representatives of this cosmetic product, let us touch on the basics of the correct choice of masks with anti-aging effect. In order for the chosen tool to have exactly the effect that you expect of it (in this case, the one you want to give it to), when selecting, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. The main active anti-age substance: collagen creates on the skin the effect of a film that retains moisture inside; placenta - tightens, removes swelling, smoothes wrinkles and activates intracellular metabolism; amino acids and vitamins - slow down aging; herbal extracts - improve metabolic processes and remove irritation elements; phospholipids - moisturize, protect the skin and accelerate the transport of all active components into it; Bioflavonoids - have the same effect as estrogens;
  2. The presence of UF-protection: no matter how pleasant the rare winter rays of the sun, they still have their negative effects on the skin

  • Place of sale: the purchase money in a specialty cosmetic shop – your guarantee of quality buy
  • The closer a particular ingredient in the composition of the mask to the word "composition", the more activity it has. For example, if the vitamin C is virtually at the beginning of the list, its antioxidant properties will manifest themselves as possible. If it is in the end is to rely on its beneficial effects makes no sense. The best choice would be facial mask of wrinkles, which combines and anti-aging, and nourishing properties.
  • TOP 5 best face masks from wrinkles

    Now for the specifics, and offer a choice of five of the most popular and effective masks with anti-age properties, which would be a perfect gift for the New year:

    1. Himalayan Peel of Gold Mask – "gold" part of this mask (Goji berry, vitamins, Himalayan apricot oil, natural Botanical extracts) just permeates the skin, it nourishes and also cleanses. As a result, which, incidentally, manifests itself very quickly, activates cell growth and reduces the depletion of collagen fibers, the skin is lifted and lighter
    2. Luxe Gold, AINHOA here to fight age-related changes are gold dust and caviar in the form of extract. The first oxygenates the skin and has a regenerating effect, the second reduces lines and wrinkles. This mask has a good anti-aging properties, while making the skin more fresh and pleasantly velvety to the touch
    3. Givenchy Vax'in For Youth Vital Energy Infusion Mask – new from this brand that can be called "energy bomb", which causes your own skin cells to produce its anti-aging factor (a special protein HSP70). Its light texture, quickly and deeply penetrates the skin, protecting it from the aggressive manifestations of environment, and makes you literally Shine from the inside

  • Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming mask – firming and hydrating properties of this product due to its rich in the active substance composition. It includes hyaluronic acid, collagen, and peptides, and caffeine, and valuable plant components. While this mask can be used for its intended purpose, and as a night cream for dry and sensitive skin
  • Mask for face Recette Merveilleuse, Stendhal gel mask with a refreshing, anti-aging and lifting effect, for which it is responsible a special complex of active substances – “Merveilleux Complex”. She does a great job with firming and anti-aging problems, and also evens the complexion. And one more thing: also note that the use of masks with anti-wrinkle ingredients is recommended after 30-35 years, so they need to give with these age limits.