We are not always near the mobile phone, although in the modern world it is difficult to even imagine. Nevertheless, there are situations when it is impossible to answer the call and we are helped by Voicemail, a service from the mobile operator of MTS. With its help, we will be able to listen to messages from those who have not reached us. The problem is that the service did not take root. Few people leave messages, despite the cinematic popularization of such a service and the actual issue today is not the connection, but vice versa, how to disable voicemail for ms.

Disabling voicemail service

It will not be difficult to do this. There is not one, but three ways.

Method 1: call

To disable voicemail, dial * 111 * 900 * 2 # on your smartphone and press the call button. For some time, usually in 3-5 minutes, you will receive SMS from the operator with a notification that the service is disabled.

Method 2: SMS

On the number 111 you need to send an SMS with the following text: 90 10 (between the numbers 90 and 10 do not forget to put a space)

Method 3: Assistant

With the help of a personal cabinet, an Internet assistant, it is possible to connect and disconnect any services offered by the MTS operator. Just follow the link by clicking here. enter your phone number and password. In your account, use the prompts to perform the actions you need.

Connection of MTS voice mail service

Have you decided to go to the sea and again needed the voice mail service? It's not scary, it's easy to connect back. Again, there are three ways.

Method 1: call

On the mobile phone, dial * 111 * 900 # call button and wait for confirmation in the form of a SMS message about the connection of the service.

Method 2: SMS

On the number 111 send an SMS message with the following text: 90 9 (between the numbers 90 and 9 do not forget to put a space).

Method 3: Assistant

With the help of a personal cabinet, you can go to this link. select the Voice Mail service and activate it for your phone number. In the same way, the service is deactivated.

There is no opportunity to go to the Internet helper, call or send SMS

In life there are such. In that case - just go to the nearest office of the company mts. It can be a big company center or a small store that, along with the operator's packages, sells mobile phones. Ask the employee to help in disabling or connecting the Voice Mail service. You will not be denied and in a few minutes will perform all the actions that are necessary to deactivate or activate mail.

As it is written in the beginning of the article - the service, unfortunately, did not get too much in the CIS. The reason why this happened, and not otherwise, is known, perhaps, the management of the operator MTS. Therefore, more and more people do not connect, and they are looking for an answer to the question of how to remove voicemail by ms.

Nevertheless, its advantage is difficult to overestimate. You can take a break from the phone by turning it off for a few days, which the American scientists so strongly recommend doing, or, at all, for a couple of weeks to go on vacation in hot countries. At the same time, all important events will not pass you by, because voice messages will help to find out what friends, colleagues, colleagues wanted from you at this time. Think before you turn off the voicemail service.