This service will help you when you can add money to your account. When you are away from the replenishment points or in case there is no possibility to put money through the Internet, or simply at a later time of the day, and you need to call or write SMS.

Service promised payments from Beeline

To use the service from Beeline "Promised payment" it is necessary to observe several conditions. They are compulsory. It is necessary to replenish the account within at least one month before, and preferably three months. The amount of replenishment and their frequency, in turn, will adjust the amount of money that you can count on.

If you refilled the account for three thousand rubles, the operator will charge three hundred. The balance on the account should be no more than ninety rubles. From a thousand five hundred to a thousand rubles will bring a hundred rubles in advance. The balance is from zero to sixty rubles.

But not all people, of course, need such a frequent replenishment. And, nevertheless, they are also potential users of this service. If a month to the account was sent not more than a hundred rubles, then they will send thirty.

By the way, you can't use the service if you are not repaid the previous loan, or when on account of the debt hanging.

To activate it, just dial a combination of numbers: * 141 # and call.

If you want to know in advance the amount available, enter the number: * 141 * 7 # and press the "call" button.

The term of service is three days. After this period, the remaining balance of the loan will be automatically withdrawn. Only if at the time of the promised payment, the subscriber's phone is roaming, the money stays in the account for a week. The order is worth five rubles. Again to use the credit the day after the previous one, on condition of repayment first. To impose a ban on its use from your phone, you can call the short number– *141*0#. But, in order to resume use of the service will have to come to the office of Beeline.

Each call to the operator for advice costs five rubles a tax. Therefore, the advantages of this option are not refutable. Do not register, understand the instructions and instructions of answering machines and help services.

The advantages of the service "Promised payment":

  • the speed of receipt of funds
  • the lack of a Treaty basis
  • no registration required
  • don't need any advice from the operator of cellular communication Beeline (read our article)
  • a simple way to order services
  • the limited amount of money that you can get
  • using the credit is also limited
  • you can not ask for translation, if the account balance is negative
  • need to wait a day to have the opportunity to re-connect the service

So, from this it follows that, despite all the disadvantages, this is a very advantageous proposal that can really help you if necessary. The main thing is not to forget to return the debt, because although the service is called the "promised payment", in fact, it is a loan, and for a very short time.