It happens that money from the personal account of a mobile phone disappears completely unexpectedly. The user does not seem to call more than usual, but it is necessary to transfer money more often. What could be the problem? Perhaps, additional services are connected to your tariff plan, which take money. But if the problem is not this, you can order a printout of the calls. Megafon, for example, provides its customers with this service completely free of charge, and you can also order an account statement through the Internet.

Options for obtaining

  1. It is best to order the service on the official website or by calling the company's operator. So you can be sure that you won't run into scammers and save money.
  2. There are other services that provide similar data. In addition to the list of perfect calls, the subscriber can receive a printout of the sent SMS messages and determine the location of the subscriber.

Ordering instructions phone records over the Internet

  1. We go to the official website of the company Megafon
  2. Enter your phone number in a special window and press the enter button.
  3. It is assumed that for the first time you try to make detailed calls, so the system will send to your number a special password for further work with the system. Therefore, we specify the phone number and click on the "Get Password" button.
  4. After receiving the message, which most often contains only numbers, you will need to fill out the special fields. Since you already received the password, enter it in the appropriate field. Login is the number of your phone.
  5. So you will get into the system "Service Guide" from the company Megafon. On the left side there will be a special menu, where you need to find the item "Call Detailing".
  6. Below is a form that you can fill out, you can specify which data you want to receive and where the employees of the company can best send them. Suppose that you want to get this information through the Internet. Therefore, you need to enter your email address.
  7. Call detail records will be archived and sent to your Inbox. Be sure to specify the period for which you wish to receive information about incoming and outgoing calls or messages.
  8. The system will prompt you to verify your input. If there are no errors, click "Order". But in the event of an error, you need to go back and revisit the data you entered and correct them.
  9. If everything was filled out correctly, you will see a message about successful order processing. Just a few minutes a letter will appear on your email, so go there.
  10. The speed of delivery of the letter depends on the time interval you specified in the statement. If it is not more than six months, the letter will be sent to your email in just a few seconds.
  11. To view the information, you will need to download the document, which is in the attachment. This can be done both on a stationary computer and on a tablet or phone.

It happens that the computer usage skills are not enough to get a printout of calls on your own. In this case, do not despair and think that you will never be able to get this information. Try to contact the operator of Megafon. They will gladly accept your application, and data on calls made or sent by SMS for the selected period will be sent to you in a separate letter by mail. In principle, even if there are difficulties in ordering prints on the Internet, you can ask for help from employees of the company and follow their recommendations to order information.