Adult people rarely think about how they write, and even more rarely seek to change their handwriting for the better. But sometimes this is a great necessity because of career growth or work features.

It's impossible to change your handwriting to an adult - it's just a myth and under certain efforts, anyone can learn to write beautifully.

Popular myths

There are certain beliefs that stop people from even trying to change it. Here are a few of them.

In adults, the handwriting does not change

This is completely wrong. In fact, our ability in one way or another to write letters – it's just fine motor skills and hand muscle memory. If you make some effort, the hand can be accustomed to the new movements and handwriting a quick fix in a better way.

All artists write beautifully

For some reason, it is commonly believed that artists who masterly master the brush and colors, just write beautifully. But this is not true. History knows many great artists who worked wonders on canvases, but their letters or documents looked like a bunch of scribbles. Psychologists attribute this to the fact that painting for an artist is the meaning of life and a favorite thing, but there is no letter. Accordingly, we can conclude that if you really want to change the handwriting and love this lesson, you will succeed.

The handwriting is determined by the character

This is not a myth. Indeed, the slope and shape of letters, spacing between words and other signs can learn the basic qualities of personality. But it is not the display of nature, but rather shows, through which the troubles of life had to go man. Psychologists have proven that the future of the handwriting of a child depends on his family. The letters can be small and uneven, but will still be readable. Or Vice versa – large signs which could be easily read, transformed into one continuous cardiogram. According to scientists, this is due to the moral situation in the family. The calmer was the childhood of the child, the better he writes.

How to change the handwriting of an adult

So, we found out that learning how to beautifully write to adults is not such a hopeless affair. Technically, you need to train your hand to perform certain muscular actions. By the way, you can not only quickly change your handwriting for the better, but even learn how to write with the other hand. What is needed for this?

  1. You have to remember their first school years and stock up ABC's for preschoolers.
  2. Be sure to consider the position in which you sit. Writing hand does not need to be strenuous or droop from the table. The light should fall on the left side.
  3. Start to learn to write beautifully with a pencil. His pencil is softer than a ball point pen and it will be easier to relearn how to display all of the elements of letters.
  4. Carefully study what details you need to start to write each letter and their connections between each other. The ABC's for preschoolers in detail disassemble each letter in the elements. Children can be difficult to understand, but an adult is not difficult.
  5. Ask the person whose handwriting you really like, write on paper a short text. Try to present all, or almost all, of the letters of the alphabet. The pressure of the pen you will be able to determine where the writing starts and where it ends. A little effort and you will be able to change the handwriting.
  6. If it's difficult for you to copy the beautiful handwriting yourself, attach a translucent paper to the text and try to circulate what was written.
  7. Be sure to do exercises to strengthen the fine motor skills of the hand and fingers. So you will not have to tire the hand during intense workouts.