Information from the house book can be useful in different living conditions. This can be a divorce, privatization of housing or registration of inheritance. In fact, this is a large magazine, in which all information about the apartments and the residents registered in them is recorded. But you should take into account some recommendations about where and how you can get an extract.

The basic rules of receipt of the statement

  1. The statement can be handed to the owner or the person registered on italianbased. For these people the document is issued free of charge, but it will take some time. If you are not limited in terms of the extract for you can get, and intermediary company in trust for an additional cost.
  2. In order to make the archive extract, you need to apply with documents to the passport office of your housing Department or any other management company. Her address and telephone number is often written on the utility bill.
  3. Typicaluse not to take in advance. Basically it is valid for a month, but for some organizations only fourteen days.

The procedure for obtaining the document

The procedure itself does not take much time if you came with the right package of documents on the reception days of the head of the organization who can provide you with an extract.

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Grab the power of attorney certified by a notary, if the extract will be to obtain not the owner or registered tenant
  • Certificate of real estate ownership (privatized housing) or the contract of rent for municipal flats and houses
  • For owners of private homes need to provide the very house book, as she usually is in their hands. Journal of multi-family dwellings located in the organization.

After submitting the documents, you will need to fill out an application form that you will be given in the Housing and Communal Services Office according to the sample provided. It will indicate which type of statement you want to receive. Usual contains the data only about the tenants, registered in the apartment now. In the expanded there is information about all people who used to live in this housing estate, including those who are in the army, medical institutions or places of detention.

An employee of the housing office will inform you when will be ready your document. The usual extract is often provide into a day of submission and rasshirennoe to take up to three working days. The maximum term of preparation of the statements is seven days.

To pick up the statement, you will need to show your passport again. Be sure to check that the document is completed correctly. It should contain the following data for one or more tenants:

  • a surname, a name and a patronymic;
  • date of birth
  • place of birth and citizenship
  • information about military service
  • passports or birth certificate (series, number, when and by whom is issued)
  • date of registration in the place of residence
  • notes on de-registration;
  • the issue date of discharge, signature of officer and stamp of the organization.

Everything that is written in the house book is reliable, it is guaranteed by state bodies and is responsible for it. For apartment buildings, it has the format of a regular A4 sheet, but all of its pages are sutured and numbered, so it is not possible to add or remove information from it arbitrarily. An extract from the house book is especially useful if you are buying housing on the secondary real estate market and want to know who lived in this living space before you. You can even offer the seller to pay for an extract, to make sure that after a while, unexpectedly not appear one more applicant for your apartment or house.