New Year's Eve is the most magical time in the year, which, as they say, has a particularly powerful energy to make dreams come true. Under the battle of the chimes, millions of people ask for the fulfillment of their cherished desire in the coming year, and some even adhere to a special ritual. How correctly to make a wish for the New Year so that it will be fulfilled? We offer you some original ways to translate your dreams into reality.

Original ways to make a wish for the New year

"Ashes in champagne"

  • a small piece of napkin
  • handle
  • matches
  • a glass of champagne.

Under the battle of the chimes, write on the napkin what you dream about and burn it. Ashes crumble into champagne and have time to drink before the twelfth stroke of the chimes. And you need to be able to correctly formulate your dream. If possible, avoid expressions with a negative particle. For example: the wish "I do not want to earn so little", it is better to replace with a positive formulation: "I want to have a big salary". Another important rule, the enigmatic must go from the heart, be positive and do not assume in the case of its performance of negative consequences.

"12 grapes"

According to an old Italian legends Christmas wishes come true solely because this ritual. In Sunny Italy the grape is considered the main symbol of luck, love, health and wealth. For convenience of execution of this custom is to stock up on seedless grapes. So, after the first chime. you need to make your dream and manage to eat 12 grapes before the start of the new 2015.

"Desire in the form of food"

To conduct this New Year's ritual should be prepared in advance. The essence is to prepare a dish in the form of what you want to find in the new year. For example, if you want to meet love, you need to make a dish in the shape of a heart, get married - lay out a dish in the form of two rings. Fantasies have no borders! Under the battle of the chimes you should concentrate on the subject of your dreams and eat a piece of cooked beforehand concoction.

"The stranger"

This method of execution the target is possible if in the company of celebrating a person whom you see for the first time. Under the chiming clock you need to make your dream come true and to take the unfamiliar person's hand.

"Dance of desire"

Prepare a lot of snowflakes from paper. Invite guests to write on each snowflake one desire, do not forget to write your desires and you. After that, everyone goes out onto the balcony and throw off snowflakes, which, slowly turning, form a whole round of New Year's dreams.

"Dream on the tablecloth"

For this method, it is necessary to lay a cloth tablecloth on the table beforehand. Half an hour before the start of the New Year, choose a place at the table. Take the thread and needle, embroider on your tablecloth in small letters your dream. It is better if it is one word: luck, love, prosperity, etc. Mask embroidered word from others. Exactly at midnight, put your hand on it and whisper, say your dream.