Do you buy a car and want to be sure that it is "clean"? In our time, you can check the car by wine code without leaving home. Let's talk about this procedure in some detail, dispel a popular myth in the network, but start with the definition itself.

VIN-code is the same as for us, TIN, that is a unique identification number, which consists of 17 numbers and letters and allows you to trace the history of the car from the moment it was released from the conveyor. History in the sense that you will easily recognize the characteristics and equipment of the car, and the date of release, thus, will be able to compare this data directly with the car that you buy.

Myth: checking the car is the guarantee of a safe bargain

To break through the car on wine code - this does not mean to protect yourself 100% in the sense that you did not slip a stolen or "broken" car. I'll explain why.

Auto hijackers are far from stupid people, and all that concerns wine codes and the characteristics of the cars they sell, and does them a couple of levels higher than us in terms of knowledge in this area. Breaking the wine code on the car is a trifling matter. And is it necessary? You can not bother and leave it as it is. Fell car or not stolen - VIN you will not show, and because it is only suitable for comparing characteristics. Usually it is enough that the naive buyer, having compared the code, brought the money and received the general power of attorney on the car, with which he will not do anything any more, as the check in the SAI (Ukraine) or the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (Russia) will show that this car is listed in the stealing , and the technical passport for it is a fake. Find a seller who originally had a fake ID and a technical passport for the car - 80% fails. And in those 20% when law enforcers were lucky, you can not really hope for any compensation, after all, as a rule, after attracting the fraudster to criminal responsibility, and getting you a court decision to recover from him the n-no sum of money, the bailiffs simply do not find no property. Man is a goal like a falcon.

Reality: to break the car through wine is even necessary

No matter how I painted the pitfalls in the first part of the article, please note that this does not mean unnecessary checking of the wine code. On the contrary, the procedure is simple and at first you can compare the wines code on any of the numerous Internet sites where such a service is provided free of charge. When you finally decide on the purchase, you must go to MREO and ask to break through the identification number of the machine. The service is paid, but it costs a penny compared to what you can lose if the car is listed as a hijack. Do not be lazy.

Where it is possible to break a car by VIN code?

There are a lot of sites, they do not want to advertise, because, in fact, they all share the same common base. Because we will make it easier, instead of not giving specific examples of web resources, go to any search engine and write: "Check the car for wine code." On the first page of the search engine can be found with a dozen good sites. Use it.

I hope that our article on how to correctly break the car through wine codes has opened our eyes to the effectiveness of the procedure itself and will help you in the future to acquire a "pure" iron horse. Be attentive and suspicious, only in our time you can save yourself from scammers, of whom, alas, too much has divorced.