Very often we are faced with a dilemma - what to give to her husband, sister, colleague. To give money it would not be desirable or it is impossible, and with a presentation it is difficult enough to be defined. After all, the main thing is that the thing you gave brings joy, and here you just can not do without some useful advice.

Gifts for men

Who said that men do not like gifts? They just hide it carefully so as not to seem weak or too sensitive. But if you pick the right gift, then, believe me, a man will appreciate it right away. If it is a person close to you, then the choice will be much easier, although there are circumstances where even a beloved husband does not know what to offer. Let's look at the various situations. A colleague can give a notebook, a good pen, a disc with your favorite music or a purse. A good perfume, expensive cognac or theater tickets are suitable for the boss. And for a beloved husband, you can arrange a romantic candlelight evening or a trip to the cinema. You can just ask what the birthday boy wants, but the surprise will not work.

I love women

Women, primarily, value the care and attention. Make the lady feel much desire and effort you spent to please her. A colleague can be present purse, picture frame, coffee-table book. Give your favorite expensive perfume, jewelry or a trip to the beauty salon. If you know size girls, you can buy a dress or shoes. If you have not enough money for expensive gifts, you can prepare dinner your own hands. You also need to take care of the details. Choose to gift a beautiful card, delicate bouquet of flowers or your favorite chocolate – and the lady will appreciate your efforts. Most importantly, everything to do with soul and love.

To the delight of the children

Often kids will say what they want. But the world of childhood filled with fantasies and dreams, so your child will wait for a surprise. You can donate a soft toy, designer beautiful, bright book, but still needs to be colorfully Packed. You can order children's animators, who are on a professional level will arrange a real holiday for your kids. Bake or buy a cake, don't forget about inflatable balls and crackers. You can organize as a gift trip to the zoo, Oceanarium, amusement Park. Also kids love animals. In this case, carefully weigh the pros and cons and if this is not your child, always consult with the parents. In addition, make every effort to ensure that the gift was high-quality and safe. Consider the age and character of the child.

What not to give

There are many different beliefs about what can not be given. One of the most common is that you can not give a watch, since they will necessarily lead to separation. If you do not believe in it, make sure that the person you are looking for presents also does not believe in it. If you decide to give a mirror, then the sign indicates that you do not need to look at it before it gets to your master. Since the mirrors are able to accumulate negative energy and transmit it. In addition, you can not present knives, forks, but if you still decide to present one of these gifts, simply ask to "buy" you a gift for a nominal fee (several coins, candy or rhyme).

Do not forget that each of your presents should bring joy. And it does not matter how much it costs, the main thing is to invest in it a piece of the soul.