In the life of each of us, there are both pleasant acquaintances and meetings, and parting with people who in a certain period of time we considered our second half. Regardless of who initiated the gap, it's always hard to put an end to the relationship. If you dream of a guy from the past - it's not just a dream, it's a vision that has a certain meaning.

If the former is dreaming, then you can not let go of the past and are too enthusiastic about it. This suggests that past relationships prevent you from building love today. Kissing in a dream with a boyfriend from the past means that in real life something will hit you hard. If you dreamed of sex - expect an aggravation of an old conflict, part in a dream - to the upcoming meeting, quarrel - to new and interesting acquaintances that can change your personal life.

What dream of an ex lover?

According to Vanga's dream book, dreams of this kind inform you that there is incompleteness in your relations, perhaps there are unspoken grievances and unexplained contradictions. Also such a dream can speak of a quarrel with the present faithful. This can happen because of the comparison of past and current relations.

Many divorced women wonder: the former husband had a dream, what is it for? If you often see such a dream, then in this life you have a lot of things to do that require completion. This has nothing to do with your current personal life, the dream only advises you to put your affairs in order, which will help you get rid of the burden of the past.

If the former husband had a dream, then your past will soon remind you of yourself. Perhaps, some unresolved events of the past years will appear or wait for an invitation to a meeting of school graduates, a call from a childhood friend or relatives with whom you have not maintained contact for a long time. Probably the appearance of the protagonist of your dream.

If dream ex-husband, to show you tender feelings, expect some surprise and not the fact that it will be enjoyable. If in the dream your spouse dies, it is said that there will be big changes on the personal front, you may married or become a mother.

If a former guy dreams with a dream in a conflict, then in real life, your today's chosen one will suit you with a scene of jealousy. Also, such a dream can say that soon you can commit a frivolous act that will not promise you anything good. So think carefully about all the consequences before you get involved in some kind of adventure.

Sleeping with a guy from the past can also promise you luck in business.

What dream of ex husband with another woman?

This dream indicates incomplete relationship between you and spouse. This dream rarely comes true in real life. On the interpretation of dreams, the former spouse often thinks about you, he cares about your destiny.

To dream a new wife of your ex-husband means that you will soon find yourself in a delicate situation. This vision encourages you to remember your own worth and dignity and carefully consider your steps and the consequences that they can bring to you and others.

Often the dreams in which a former husband or boy dreamed, say that you subconsciously compare him and the present lover. Whatever one may say, the past leaves an indelible mark in our soul. Past relationships remain in our hearts, and whether we like it or not, sometimes we will dream about former relationships and take our soul.