In each of our lives happen as a pleasant Dating and meeting and parting with people in a certain period of time, we thought his second half. Regardless of who was the initiator of the break, to put the point in a relationship is always hard. If you had a boyfriend from the past is not just a dream but a vision that has a specific meaning.

If you dream of the former, you can't let go of the past and too infatuated. This suggests that past relationships are preventing you to build love today. Kissing in a dream with a boyfriend from the past means that in real life you have something very impress. If you had sex wait for the exacerbation of long-standing conflict, to leave in a dream – to the upcoming meeting, to quarrel, – to new and interesting acquaintances that may change your personal life.

What dream of an ex lover?

According to Vanga dream book, dreaming of this kind of misleading that in your relationship there is unfinished can be left unexpressed resentment and unresolved contradictions. Also, this dream can talk about the fight with the current husband. This can occur due to comparison of past and present relationships.

Many divorced women wonder: had an ex-husband, what is it? If you often see such a dream, it means that in this life you have a lot of things that require completion. It has nothing to do with your present personal life, a dream is only advised to get his Affairs in order, that will help to get rid of the burden of the past.

If dream ex-husband means, your past soon let you know. May pop some of the unresolved events of the past years or wait for an invitation to a meeting of the school alumni, a call from a childhood friend or relatives with whom for a long time you haven't kept in touch. Probably the appearance of the main character of your sleep.

If dream ex-husband, to show you tender feelings, expect some surprise and not the fact that it will be enjoyable. If in the dream your spouse dies, it is said that there will be big changes on the personal front, you may married or become a mother.

If you dream of an ex boyfriend in a dream there is a conflict, then in real life your partner will arrange a scene of jealousy. Also this dream suggests that soon you may commit a thoughtless act that will not promise you anything good. So think about all the consequences before you get involved in some adventure.

Sleep with a guy from the past can also promise you good luck in business.

What dream of ex husband with another woman?

This dream indicates incomplete relationship between you and spouse. This dream rarely comes true in real life. On the interpretation of dreams, the former spouse often thinks about you, he cares about your destiny.

To dream of a new wife of your ex husband means that soon you will find yourself in a sensitive situation. Such a vision calls to mind of his own importance and dignity and to carefully consider your steps and consequences that they can bring to you and others.

Often dreams, which had a former husband or boyfriend, say that you subconsciously compare his present lover. Anyway, and the last leaves in our soul an indelible mark. Past relationships remain in our hearts and, whether we like it or not, sometimes we will dream about ex relationships and to open our soul.