It turns out that having appeared in your dream, such a small and harmless animal, like a mouse, has many different meanings. At many people it causes affection, and at others - disgust and feeling of disgust. And it is from the mood of what he sees in the dream that his correct and precise interpretation depends.

A dream that has been seen can have the meaning of fear and the need to sit quietly and not stick out. Perhaps at this moment in your life you feel like a gray mouse. The meaning - to which the mouse is dreamed - has many interpretations. This is excessive fuss, an obsessive sense of concern.

What dream mouse?

Wangi's dream interpretation presages a rise in food prices, as well as a secret that people close to you hide from you.

If you dream of a mouse in the dream of Lofa - it means that someone is spreading dirty rumors about you.

In order to find out what the mouse is dreaming about, one should listen to the Mayan dream book, since for a good value you will be invited to dinner, and to avoid jinxing, you should carry a branch with you. The bad meaning of this dream is if you had to dream about a dead mouse. It says that someone wants your death. To prevent such a dream, it is necessary to burn the old thing and in the morning to do some kind deed.

What dream of a little mouse?

Small animals mean a lot of bad people around you. Small animals are petty or shy people. Means that soon you will know the name of the person betraying you.

If you dreamed of a little mouse, this is a direct relation to your enemy, that is, you do not feel danger before him. A small animal is a sign that you do not need someone's help.

Large mouse dreams of when you fear the opponent, the more she, the more fear.

The color of the animal is of great importance in dreams. Black is a lot of small troubles. Gray - this is a reflection of the internal state, perhaps at the moment the person does not feel important to others.

Red means ill-wisher from the outside. Also, the red-haired mouse is treated as cunning and alertness.

What dream mouse in the house?

If you managed to catch them, then, most likely, you will get into a foolish position, which will bring you a lot of shame. This can serve as an excuse for ridiculing you from others.

Catching and running around from the small animals around the house can mean winning things and increasing profits. If an animal is caught unmarried, then it will bring marriage to her.

Catch with a trap is a way out of any situation. The animals that escape are your fleeing rivals. If you feed the animals in a dream - you need the help of loved ones.

In General, if you had a mouse, then wait for negative consequences. Such dreams portend a collection of small troubles, unexpected twists and turns to the bad side. The interpretation of the dream, the obsession, the anxiety, the ridicule of enemies. The significance of such dreams should be treated with caution and appreciate the people who surround you.

Often a large cluster of animals dreams of hungry times and war. Seeing them dead - to the loss of material prosperity. If there is a person in the environment who provokes mistrust, then you should stop communicating with him. If you feel discomfort when dealing with a person, then it has a bad biofield and wants to have a harmful effect on you. Communication with such a person should be stopped immediately under any pretext.

Dreams should be treated with seriousness, since our subconscious mind dictates events that will necessarily occur in the future. With the timely interpretation of the worst events can be avoided, protect yourself from harm. At dreams in which mice appear, any undertakings and business conduct should be postponed, as the slander of enemies can do much harm.