More than XVI centuries ago, a priest from the Roman city of Terni, despite the ban of the emperor, crowned the warriors with their beloved, helped them to give flowers and explain themselves in their feelings. Before the execution, he wrote a farewell note and signed: "Your Valentine." Despite the fact that St. Valentine is revered by the Catholic Church, Valentine's Day is popular in Russia. How to write letters on February 14 and talk about your affection. In the electronic age, paper and pen were replaced by the phone's keyboard, but feelings of this less strong did not. Today we will tell you how to write an SMS-declaration of love.

Text recognition the girl in love

Just make a reservation, to confess your love is always better in your personal form, looking your beloved person in the eye. Many girls, a short text can even hurt. But if you are too indecisive, far away or have no other way of communication - write a letter. Do not forget to just promise a fast date.

Words must come from the heart. Let it be only 3 words, not a poem or a sonnet, they must be sincere and real. If you want something more, then find (or write yourself) romantic poems. Option is more simple - take from the Internet.

More difficult - to turn to the classics, Shakespeare has not been able to outshine anyone yet, but any SMS-declaration of love will be appreciated by anyone.

As an actor who,

Loses the thread of a long-known role,

Like that madman that, falling into anger,

In excess of strength, will power loses power, -

So, I am silent, not knowing what to say,

Not because my heart has grown cold.

No, there is a seal on my lips

My love, which has no limit.

So, let the book speak to you.

Let it be, my silent intercessor,

Comes to you with confession and entreaty

And the fair requires reckoning.

Read if you love words dumb?

Do you hear my voice?

SMS Declaration of love to boyfriend or husband

If you decide to send your favorite SMS-recognition, it is important to consider the nature of your relationship. When the novel has not yet begun, but you both feel sympathy, then boldly take the first step to meet. Lyrical and touching verses in sms are best, but openly write about your feelings are not advised, you can scare a young man and dispel the flair of romance. It's also better to hide your sexual desires so that you do not look too accessible.

I want to touch you

I am writing on the walls of my soul with scarlet paint

I want to be with you, to fly to nowhere

After all, you are my happiness, you are air, earth and water

If the relationship has long crossed the candy-buketny period or you are married, then try to make an interesting zest (or pepper). Let the recognition of the beloved be appealing and passionate, promising heavenly bliss. But do not be too frank: there must be a mystery in a woman! Pay attention to such lines: "I love you! I want you! I want to squeeze you in my arms so much that it hurts you. I want to kiss your eyelids and lips, cheeks and neck, I want to shower kisses on my chest and shoulders. I want to stroke your desired body until the convulsions of desire come on it. I want to hear your moans of pleasure mixed with my own. "

SMS-Declaration of love to his wife

To send a wife an SMS-declaration of love is a great idea, especially if you are married for a long time and most often write to each other about the shopping list. Let it be a gentle and sweet manifestation of feelings. Remember the time when you met, put in the confession of all the passion and trembling. Say those words that you do not speak in everyday life: that your wife is the best, single, most beautiful and beloved, life without it will lose all its colors, and one day will look like the other, and only with it, you can warm yourself up . Remember, the holiday can not be limited to SMS-recognition, give flowers, arrange a romantic dinner, let's feel that all that is said is true.

Funny SMS-love

If you want to shine with originality or dilute the overall sweet-pathetic mood of the holiday, then send your girlfriend (boyfriend) a cool confession of love. Let it be an original, veiled praise of appearance or even a proposal of the hand and heart. As a sample, you can use the following lines:

  • Girl do you have feet don't hurt? No? Strangely – and you have me all day from the head did not go!
  • At the moment in the world's 2 million people sleeping, eating 1 million, half a million makes love and only one man, whom I love very much, read my SMS.
  • I wanted to send you something beautiful, tender, erotic, clever and fun, but I don't fit on the screen.

Poetry SMS-Declaration of love

Poetry is the best friend of lovers, not a single heart will stand against poetry. It does not matter who you write an SMS-admission: a girl or a wife, a husband, a guy and just a neighbor above the floor, the main thing is that the words are not trivial and replicated. Let the poetic lines seem too pretentious, love - a feeling high, so speak of it "in high calm".

Happiness! Here you are next, look with a languid look!

You are my beloved one! You are my wife!

If only the soul be always with thee,

Every sigh, dear, only for you!

Sms-recognition in love is wonderful, it means that romance is alive, people are searching and finding their second half. Do not regret beautiful words, emotions and be happy!