Every person faces death many times in his life. We leave relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and just acquaintances. Many people often dream of a deceased person. What could this dream mean?

If you dreamed of a deceased, then this is a warning. Much depends on who this person was to you. For example, to see in a dream the late father - to events that will bring you a loss; mother - someone from loved ones will soon become enraged; blood relatives - to expenses.

What dreams dead alive

The deceased person who has come to life in your dream symbolizes that one of your friends or acquaintances is bad for you. Most likely, he plans to drag you into a dubious event, which will bring you considerable losses. The deceased, who has risen from the grave, informs that your friends will not come to your aid in a difficult moment for you, rely only on their own strength.

What dream dead relatives alive?

A dream in which you see a deceased relative alive, tells you that you have a great responsibility. If you have experienced fear in a dream, then this is a warning about future troubles.

If the deceased in your sleep advised you something, be sure to take this into consideration. Often, people close to the world help people make the right decision and not get off the right track.

Talking with the dead in dreams notifies about life changes and new people with important and interesting people.

What dream dead, who is calling?

Such a dream portends misfortunes, serious illnesses and even an imminent death. But do not take it very close to heart. The most important thing for you is to be careful and cautious. If you are concerned about health, then be sure to visit your doctor and take a survey. If you suffer from chronic diseases, then it's time to undergo another course of therapy. Do not take part in dubious adventures that can bring you a loss.

To marry a deceased person in a dream - perhaps, your life is threatened. Beware of injuries, accidents, illnesses. Also, such a vision can say that the spirit of a dreamed person intends to protect you from all bad things.

Drinking with the deceased in a dream informs you that the deceased person reminds you of yourself, so you need to remember it, go to the temple, put a candle for the rest, read a prayer. Also do not forget that to see alcohol as a dream portends life troubles, disappointment in loved ones, resentment. Dreams, in which alcohol is present, dreams of a person at a crossroads. Alcohol drinks promise troubles, and the stronger the drink, the more difficult the situation.

To give the deceased in the dream something is a dream does not portend anything good. To give money to the dead man in the dream speaks about the death of blood relatives or close friends. If the deceased in your vision something you give – it means good fortune and prosperity. To hug and kiss the corpse – to-ill – soon demise, and a healthy person are better about this dream not to tell anyone.

Dancing with the deceased in a dream, no matter what he was to you during his lifetime, can symbolize your emotional torment about the death of this person, as well as unrealized plans associated with him.

If you dreamed of the deceased, first of all remember him, buy sweets and give them to friends, relatives and co-workers. In any case, dreams only warn us of some incidents that may occur. Do not take them as an absolute guarantee of future events.