To such insects as lice, people for a long time are negative, with a touch of contempt. This is not surprising, because they cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience, causing itchy scalp. In addition, lice are carriers of dangerous diseases. Is it so bad to see lice in a dream? In the treatment of Miller's dream book, one of the most popular guidelines for reading dreams, the interpretation of sleep depends on the context of sleep. Often such a dream promises troubles and symbolizes hidden pathologies or diseases. Sometimes this dream shows an empty and exaggerated experience for the health of people close to you.

Have you seen numerous parasites that live on the body of a livestock or a pet? Know, the dream speaks of impending poverty, which it will be very difficult to overcome. Found a native louse? This is a strong family frustration. And if the louse was caught, then you are inclined to dramatize and inflate health problems, look for non-existent diseases.

Another equally authoritative dream book, the dream book of Vanga, in its own way deciphers such a dream. A lot of lice are talking about an imminent illness, which can be easily and quickly cured. Parasite in a single copy - to the benefit, profits and stabilization of the financial situation. Shake off the hair of an insect - a successful transaction will be made. Killing a larva or an adult lice - you can pay off debts and solve any problems in real life.

The dream book of Nostradamus refers to this vision very positively, interpreting it as a fast financial prosperity, honor and respect for others. Although louse eggs are a symbol of difficulties and troubles on the way to wealth, financial well-being, so you should stock up on a lot of patience and give all the strength to achieve this goal.

In the opinion of dream interpretation the famous psychoanalyst Freud, the destruction of the bloodsuckers in the dream preparing to get rid of sexual problems and sexual diversity of life.

Aesop's dream interpretation also suggests interpreting sleep depending on the overall picture. So, futile attempts to destroy the parasite - a sign of useless and inconclusive work, their bites portend quick and solid profits. In a dream, shake your head off? Prepare for slander, dirty gossip and lying friends. Egg fleas dream about the upcoming hard work, and adult insects - to trouble, bad news and anxiety.

The interpreter of the dreams of Tsvetkov interprets the bloodsuckers he saw as a sign that says about the replenishment in the family (if they are not found on you), or as a sign of an early illness, drunkenness, beggary, moral decay of the person. The appearance of potential opportunities for enrichment promises found in the hair when looking at the nits of an insect. Do you think that the parasites have been killed and that something good is waiting for you? We want to upset you: this is to the fact that soon you will shed a lot of tears because of your own mistakes and blunders.

According to the old Russian dream book bloodsuckers – a very good sign, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, deliverance from trouble, sorrow and trouble.

Also, to great money, another set of dream interpretations interprets sleep: a dream book of the 21st century, the apostle Simon Kananit, the healer Fedorovskaya, the summer, the spring, the small Veles, the esoteric, the Jewish dream book of Azar and the Ukrainian dream books.

But, despite the interpretation of sleep in a positive or negative way, do not be afraid - such dreams give a chance to fix your life so that you can avoid trouble.