There is nothing better than funny and touching Russian comedies, many of which are analyzed for quotes. If you suddenly become lonely, then spend an evening with your loved ones and such native heroes. Today we offer a list of the best Russian comedies.

Romantic comedies of the 90s, the list

Headed the list of romantic comedies of the 90's hilarious-funny film - "Shirley-Myrli". Heroes Valeria Garkalina - the twins, separated in childhood, are dragged into a grand adventure to find the missing diamond.

The next movie masterpiece is "Lily of the valley silver". The history of modern Cinderella, which from the singer in the station restaurant turns into a Moscow superstar. It's a pity that the producer, seen by Alexander Tsekalo, does not look like a beautiful prince.

The story of love in spite of circumstances, the strength of man and the fact that love can and must deal with everyday difficulties - "Children of Monday".

It was impossible not to include the last work of Leonid Gaidai in the list of the best romantic comedies of the 1990s: "It's good weather on Deribasovskaya, it's raining again on Brighton Beach". Agent Sokolov - the Russian version of James Bond. A captivating girl, Mary Star, helps him to catch the head of the Russian mafia. The plot's repercussions include chases, shootings, kidnappings, and, of course, love and a happy ending.

If something happens to a man - look for a woman. So, thought and the main character of the film "Thin thing", learning that his brother was seriously wounded. However, with the choice of the girl he was mistaken, but he won the local mafia, learned that a modest teacher of English can be a fatal beauty and found her love.

Finishes our list - the melodrama "The Barber of Siberia". When a young adventurer Jane Calagen arrives in Russia to seduce an influential general and obtain a contract for the construction of a sawmill, she does not yet know that having met a young cadet of Tolstoy, she will forget about the purpose of the visit. Only here she will understand what it is like to love in Russian. By the way, this film became the largest-budget Russian production.

Romantic Comedy 2012-2013, list

The list of romantic comedies of 2012-2013 is quite extensive, so everyone will find something to their taste.

If you want a touching melodrama, over which you can cry a lot, then watch the films "Moms" and "Happy New Year, Moms." Short stories are not related to each other, they tell us about simple human joys, about everyday life in which there is a place of love and care, about the dearest people - our mothers.

Our list includes several remakes and fairy tales in a new way. A familiar story, but unusual modern characters and circumstances: "Zolushka", "12 months", "Gentlemen of Fortune."

If you compile a list of the most lovely and touching comedies of 2012, then it's worth remembering the melodrama "Klushi". 4 women invited to the wedding in Cuba, trying to derail her at any cost. But they are disastrously unlucky: everything begins with a delay on the flight, and ends at night in the police station. Pleases that. despite all the trials, each of the heroines will find his own destined and get excellent friends.

Excellent easy and funny romantic comedy - "7 main desires". Girl Masha on the eve of the New Year has a chance to fulfill all the cherished dreams. The question is: what will she choose, and how will it end?

I would like to finish the list with nice and kind films: "Love in the USSR", "Celebration locked up", "The leader of the different", "The Game in Truth", "Yolki 3", "Bitterly", "Love in the Big City 3", "Everything will be good".

The list of romantic comedies produced in Russia has turned out to be quite impressive, so the chances of finding a film for the soul are very great.