A man has always been characterized by unbridled curiosity. There are unusually many ways to look into the future, and New Year's predictions are one of them. There are various techniques for obtaining certain prophecies, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Short funny predictions for the New year

Funny New Year's predictions will be an excellent way to hint a person to a certain circumstance or push him to action. For example, if you write that he expects a band of luck, if he marries (fixes the door, starts to wash his socks, buys new jeans, etc.), then one can hint to a person what he should have done long ago.

There are countless predictions of such predictions, but how to present them?

How to make predictions

If you are hosting a party or a corporate at work, you can bake Chinese cookies and put in a note with predictions. Of course, in this case it is unlikely that you will be able to hand over a personal prophecy, because there will be too many people. But for the boss, for example, you can bake a special large cookie. Also for the female half of the collective, you can make cookies from pink dough, and for masculine - from blue. To do this, you just need to add the appropriate color to the food color, and place the relevant thematic notes inside.

If you have decided to arrange a surprise for a small company or family, bake muffins of different shapes and attach an individual prediction for each person.

Another way is a lottery drum or a hat with notes. Funny predictions in the New Year are written on small pieces of paper and placed in a drum, bag or hat. Everyone desires to get what he chooses himself, and who knows, maybe this prediction will not be such a joke ...

Vanga predictions for the New year

The prophetess Wanga is known all over the world. And although this extraordinary woman passed away more than 15 years ago, every year humanity is convinced of her fantastic gift. Vanga's predictions for the New Year come true with amazing accuracy, which is why many people prefer to build their life plans, guided by the prophesies of a wise oracle.

What does Vanga think should happen in the coming 2015? In the year of the Goat, the war should be completed, the beginning of which was laid back in 2010. There will be no catastrophic events that threaten the existence of humanity, but it will come one step closer to its death.

It is likely the beginning of a global economic crisis that will affect all the advanced powers. Vanga predicted significant natural metamorphosis, which will begin to manifest itself more and more in the coming year. On the other hand, people will gradually return to the sources, and begin to appreciate what nature gives them and what they are deprived of because of their need for technical progress.

Sad as it may seem, almost all of Vanga's predictions for the New Year are quite bleak, but it's up to you how these prophecies affect your life.

Whatever you believe, always and in every situation there is a place for good, kind and joyful. Arrange yourself and your loved ones a merry holiday, and let the humorous New Year's predictions lift your spirits and come true in the near future!