Beautifully arrange an apartment for the New Year means not only hang garlands everywhere and glue to the ceiling "rain", but create a unique festive atmosphere that will be seen in everything from interior to the festive table and serving dishes. In this article we will tell you how to decorate the house quickly and beautifully for the New Year, make a magnificent table and surprise your guests with an unprecedented celebration.

Where to buy decorations for the New year

Recently, the market of New Year's products is full of various novelties. Here, and bright garlands, and Christmas balls of all kinds of "calibers," and tinsel, and figurines of fairy-tale characters ... But along with the development of the New Year's industry, there is a tendency to create jewelry with their own hands. If you have a tendency to a handmade, why not decorate an apartment for New Year with self-made ornaments?

You can always cut beautiful "snowflakes" from paper. In the store of art goods you can buy a multicolored or shiny paper, from which you will get incredibly beautiful hand-made articles. Technique papier-mache helps to make figurines of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Describe with the help of acrylic paints and sparkles old Christmas toys, balls and candles. It was very fashionable to make Christmas wreaths with my own hands. Such a product can be hung on the front door, used as a panel on the wall or as a decorative element on the festive table.

Buy decorations for the New Year - not a problem, because they appear long before the holiday, literally in all stores, stalls and supermarkets. Ideas for decorating an apartment for the New Year Before you go to the store for garlands and tinsel, you need to think over the theme of your holiday. The New Year does not have to be traditional - with deer, Snow Maiden and other classical attributes.

To admit, many such an approach is already pretty boring, and every year there are more and more non-standard approaches to celebrating the most important night of the year. We bring to your attention the most interesting ideas for decorating an apartment for the New Year. They will allow you to arrange an unforgettable thematic party or simply "refresh" the impressions of the old-good holiday.

How to decorate the room for the New year

  1. Eco-design – easy, simple and cheap way to give your home a festive charm. On holidays and already have to spend a lot of money on gifts, so these garlands from natural materials can "save the day" and create an original interior.

  • Meal of marmalade – marmalade will pretty tree, hedgehog, flowers, snowmen and all that enough imagination. Such sweets can decorate the table for the New year.

  • Decorate the New Year's table can be ordinary cones. Just look how beautiful they look in this thematic serving!

  • Did not have time to buy a Christmas tree? Not a problem! Conventional dried branch of a deciduous tree can change your interior beyond recognition. Instead of tinsel and "rain" you can use old beads, pendants and coins. "Lure" luck and wealth, making this ornament! рис7
  • Decorate an apartment for the New Year will be even easier if you ask your children to help you in this fun activity. Children like no one in the world can create a festive atmosphere and turn even the most "boring" interior into a cozy and "warm" place.