Manager (operator) taxi is a link between taxi driver and customer. At first glance, this profession seems simple, but it is from the Manager depends largely on the smooth workflow in the taxi. So that includes the work of the dispatcher in a taxi. What are the requirements for controllers?

As we have said, the work of the dispatcher in the taxi on the surface it seems easy: you need just to take the order and pass it to the driver and then inform the customer that his car is waiting outside. However the dispatcher is the face of the firm. on how well he performs his work, the company's profit depends.

What are the basic requirements for dispatcher in taxi service? One of the main requirements are a pleasant voice and good diction. The work of the dispatcher is connected with communication with people, and in order for the client to want to apply again to this taxi service, communication with the dispatcher should leave a pleasant impression on him. Well, a good diction and competent speech - a pledge of mutual understanding with both customers and taxi drivers.

However, it is not everything. The taxi Manager needs to understand the geography of the city  or at least be able to work with cards (good, now you do not need to rummage in atlases, but you can use online maps). Of course, the taxi driver knows better how to get to the destination. But sometimes a client when booking a taxi is interested in how much it will cost a trip. And this means that the dispatcher needs to estimate the route and distance in order to calculate the approximate cost of the trip.

If taxi service offers a variety of tariff plans, the Manager needs to understand the subtleties and nuances that, if necessary, explain them to the client, to answer all his questions. Taxi operator — a kind of "calling card" of the company. the first impression, which depends, will the client continue to use the services of this taxi service.

Also Manager should be a confident PC user. most of the services use special software to organize the workflow. Often requires the skill of fast typing. But it depends on the specific service, moreover, much can be learned on the spot: on Manager in the universities do not teach, so you have to learn the basics of the profession in the process. In a big city a significant advantage will be the knowledge of the English language. because taxis can be caused by foreign tourists.

Manager is very important and personal qualities. He must be sociable, well-mannered, tactful. Beautiful voice little if in that voice, no friendliness and goodwill: customer needs to feel welcome. Also the controller needs to be patient, non-confrontational and resistant to stress. customers come across different, not all of them are friendly, the dispatcher's task is not to respond rudeness to rudeness and reduce the probability of conflict situations to a minimum.

Do not forget about the "standard" set of qualities that are necessary for many other professions:responsibility, diligence, discipline. Task Manager — organize work process, and how to organize someone, if you are unable to organize itself? Manager simultaneously coordinates the work of tens of machines: takes and distributes orders, ensures that the cars were filed on time, etc.

Yetthe Manager of the taxi service must have stamina. This work rarely involves a standard schedule from nine to six: most likely, you have to go to night shifts or work for days (the usual schedule of working in a taxi operator - a day in three).

Work as a Manager in a taxi difficult but exciting. For most people, it becomes a kind of a "staging post" in a career and allows you to get a colossal experience that can be useful in other areas of work, so do not treat this profession with disdain.