When there are only a few weeks left before the New Year, people are encouraged to actively decorate houses, apartments, offices, offices, shops and even city streets. Children and teachers, in turn, are engaged in decorating the school. This activity not only raises the mood, but also fills the surrounding atmosphere with the feeling of the holiday and the anticipation of an early vacation. In this article we will tell you how to decorate the school for the New Year.

Making classes

If the holiday is to wait for a long time, you can put aside the decoration of the school hall for a while and study classes. It is very important to involve students in this process. Ask them to create New Year decorations with their own hands - so children can fully manifest their imagination, feel a certain degree of responsibility for how their classrooms will look on the eve of the New Year.

The most simple and traditional variant of ornaments is paper snowflakes. Announce among the students a contest for the best snowflake, let them try to do something unusual and beautiful. When the guys give in their work, they can decorate the windows, walls and board. On the windowsills of the cabinets you can put beautiful bright vases with spruce branches. Hang on the branches balls, tinsel, sweets wrapped in bright paper or foil of tangerines and nuts.

Ask the children to show their imagination and make their own toys. Another idea for the realization of creative abilities is New Year's greetings. Let the schoolchildren draw postcards and write their wishes. From these cards you can make an exhibition right in the classroom. Windows in the room should not be left without attention. Color them with watercolors by drawing winter landscapes. You can buy special artificial snow and create frosty patterns on the glasses.

The decoration of the lobby

In schools, it is customary to draw wall newspapers. New Year - an excellent opportunity for different classes to compete in this skill. Announce a competition for the best newspaper, the winning class let it get some prize, for example, a bag of chocolates from Santa Claus. An alternative wall newspaper can be a three-dimensional picture. Here, the guys will have to work hard.

Details of this pattern can be sewn from the fabric and filled with cotton. You can also use improvised materials: cones, tree branches, acorns, sewing accessories. Believe me, such a decoration for the walls will not go unnoticed. The walls of the hall can also be decorated with shiny tinsel, creating pictures of it on the New Year theme and fixing the elements with the help of Scotch tape.

Ask the girls to sew large satin bows of red color - this New Year attribute can be used almost everywhere. If in the hall on the windows there are curtains - the bows can be fixed there. On the stairs in the school also do not forget.

Decorate their railings with tinsel, and on the vertical part of the stairs attach snowflakes or shining stars. As a rule, in the lobby of each school there is a mirror. It is also necessary to decorate. You can draw the perimeter of the frosty patterns, different animals, snowflakes or just write greetings.

Small parts

While decorating the school for the New Year, try to make sure that there are no empty places left anywhere. Chandeliers and plafonds wrap the New Year's rain, on the windowsills and various free surfaces, arrange small details: sewn or made of cotton wool snowmen, vases, spruce branches and balls, etc.

In this article, we presented to your attention some ideas that you can use to decorate the school for the New Year. We hope that our advice will be useful to you.