If earlier our people rested mainly on domestic resorts, now almost all have the opportunity to go for a week to Turkey. But the joy of the upcoming vacation is slightly overshadowed when it comes to the most routine lesson - the collection of suitcases. If you approach it correctly, and find out in advance what you need to take with you to Turkey, packing things will not take you much time and energy.

Our article will become a real helper and practical guide for collecting your bags.

Documents and money

Since any business always starts with the main point, we will also proceed to this. All documents need to be taken in a separate small handbag, which will be constantly under your supervision. So, take with you to Turkey:

An important point! Do not ignore the insurance. You will not be able to know in advance how your body will react to climate change in the event of a disease for a visit to a doctor who will have to pay about $ 50.

And now about the money

  1. Take your dollars. Moreover, it is advisable to change them into small denominations.
  2. Us currency is accepted everywhere, and change it to Turkish is not necessary.
  3. Money count so that you will have enough for guided tours and buy Souvenirs. And it is better to take a little more than planned amounts, as in a new country is always a lot of temptations, and to sit in the hotel without a penny in his pocket is unlikely to be pleasant.

Medications and safety

Collect a small first aid kit with medications that will help with various ailments or injuries. There should include:

  • Sun cream or lotion or lotion for treatment of skin after the beach
  • Medicated lozenges for sore throat
  • Plaster and bandages
  • Pain medication broad-spectrum
  • Medicated lozenges for sore throat
  • Funds from indigestion (Turkish cuisine is very specific and may cause unexpected reactions)

To protect yourself from various unpleasant incidents and to know where to ask for help, write yourself a separate sheet of addresses and phone numbers of the embassy of your country and tour operator.

Many make the mistake of packing a lot of clothes for rest. This especially applies to girls, because they want to show off in their best summer dresses. But in this case one should be guided exclusively by practical considerations, and take only those things that fit well together.

Here is the list of necessary clothes for Turkey:

  • Headwear (caps, hats, light scarves)
  • Light summer outfits
  • One set of the closed clothes
  • Comfortable shoes

And now more

  1. The sun in Turkey is very hot. Why bareheaded you are not well to do.
  2. Do not take dark clothes, as it only attracts the sun's rays and are suitable only for evening walks.
  3. If you are planning to go to discos, verstility outfits can not bother. Most tourists come into the clubs in shorts and t-shirts.
  4. Jeans can not take it at all (if you go in summer). Believe me, the ability to wear them you will not because of the heat.
  5. From footwear give preference to flip-flops for going to the pool or beach and light sandals to go low to discover and explore the city.

What to take with the baby?

To enjoy the baby liked, take care of his things.

  • Rubber rings and toys for water games
  • Light clothing and one shirt with long sleeves (in case of burning in the sun)
  • Means for protection from ultraviolet rays (creams and lotions)
  • Favorite toys, but only some, not all home storage.

Guided by our recommendations, you will quickly collect the suitcase and you will hardly forget something important, but if it does, there are fairly democratic prices in Turkey and you can always buy the right thing.