Defender of the Fatherland Day comes once a year, but it is such an important holiday that it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. Usually girls congratulate boys-classmates, wives congratulate husbands, sister-brothers, subordinates-bosses (especially if the chiefs served and have officer rank), colleagues, friends, acquaintances and unfamiliar men. In general, everyone who has ever defended, defends or will defend their homeland. And if for most men it will be enough just for pleasant words, then for the closest and dearest, for example, for the pope, I want to create the best card design for my own hands on February 23.

What could be the design of postcards for February 23?

There are a lot of options. They are calculated for different ages of those who are preparing a postcard, different financial possibilities, different tastes and skills. For example:

  • if kindergarten children are preparing surprises for dad, ready DIY work is very simple, usually missing decals and a few flowers drawn underneath
  • if a teenager is working on a congratulatory surprise, then the requirements for complexity are raised accordingly;
  • there are so complicated ornamental work, to make them can not everyone is an adult, so congratulations to the paper are equal to Souvenirs and are valued no less expensive purchased.

The decoration of the postcard for February 23 can be done in different ways. Here you can use depending on your own inclination and preferences:

  • quilling;
  • artwork
  • application
  • embroidery
  • mosaic patterns.

In the photo you can see what some of the works might look like.

How to apply for a card on February 23?

For registration it is possible to use multi-colored paper, special mosaic, paper for turning, thread and any other materials at hand. And a combination in one postcard of different styles is welcomed, as a result is a very interesting work. Similarly, you can combine different materials - for example, thin paper and cardboard, silk threads and woolen, small buttons and large specimens.

Kids can do without simple applications or work with pencils, but girls and women may like the quilling technique. Only to try it is desirable before there will be a minimum of time, because even though the result will make the beloved of the man gasp with amazement, but it will be necessary to work on it a lot.

For those who have no idea what quilling is in particular, or doing crafts with your own hands as a whole, you will have to practice a little. On the other hand, slight inaccuracy, if only it is really easy and does not look like gross negligence, will go to the postcard only for good. Today in fashion, the style of deliberate inaccuracy, which gives a peculiar charm to every stroke, every line.

Of course, it will not be difficult to buy a gift, and it can be expensive, interesting and colorful, beautiful, and so on. But it will never be special, because they made it in bulk in general production. While the decoration of the postcard on February 23 with his own hands will forever leave a trace in his memory. Most likely, such a precious gift will be kept and will be left somewhere in a prominent place, so that even years later to admire them and remember the moment when it was first presented.