You are sincerely interested in poker, learning the rules and finally decided to try their hand in any online poker room. This is correct, it was started in poker, many stars such as Eugene Katchalov, famous professional and champion various series PokerStars, WPT/WSOP, won two gold WCOOP bracelet. First steps in virtual battles are about the same regardless of poker room – a beginner registers and starts to play on the play chips. It is believed that this is what acquired the necessary experience and "stuffed hand". Well, it is true and false at the same time. It so happens that even the months spent in online battles on PokerStars or FullTiltPoker almost nothing to give the player in terms of professional growth. The fact that playing online poker you must correctly. And even more, you need to make those very first steps.

The most important mistake made by a beginner is the belief that you can learn to win without real bets. almost all poker experts say that learning how to win without trying yourself in a real money game is unrealistic!

Gentlemen, poker game for money and money are the key factor that disciplinary party. First advice – if You really want to learn the art of poker make bets with real money, albeit small. This is the small step that starts a great way to win. In this assures us Zedmor Akim Akimov-known Russian pokermen.

Second: poker is certainly a game and it is extremely important to understand its rules. But in addition, it is necessary to learn how to understand your partners at a virtual table. And this is not easy, because you do not see opponents. A simple example is that you sit down to play at the nano-limits. And what do you see? A huge number of participants are engaged in nonsense - meaninglessly puts allin, commits other paradoxical actions. As a result, time is lost, bad habits are acquired, incontinence is formed. It is necessary to learn to separate senseless body movements from the conscious actions of other players. This skill will be useful in the future, when at larger bets you will come across a bluff.

Third. Try to look for partners, as well as playing more complicated. They are on the same PokerStars a lot, for every taste and color. This will inevitably lead to some losses of money, but the result will be an invaluable experience. You can start with 10-20 dollars to play on the same nanolimit.

Another tip that gives beauty Liv Boere – don't be afraid to bluff, especially if you see that the enemy underestimates you. And to learn to build a competent strategy in a game be sure to read. To play poker without a good theoretical training, without reading the literature very difficult. This is necessary primarily for the correct understanding of the game. Not to mention the fact that in books You will find a lot of ready solutions and standard approaches that will undoubtedly come in handy in the future. Moreover, their value did not diminish from the fact that they are known to everyone. On the contrary, will be much worse if You sit at a gaming table without being aware of basic things. This is the shortest way to the loss and frustration in poker. Most of those who abandoned this great game after several failed attempts I made this fatal mistake. Looking for a good translated materials, but if you know the language read in the original. For example, this "Bible" of modern pokermen "Harrington on holdem" by Dan Harrington. it's "cash on Harrington", "Internet Texas holdem" by Matthew of Hilger. For a start it will be enough. Then, begin to apply knowledge from books into practice, while continuing to play nanolimit. Or read the book by Gus Hansen – by the way, is also a Pro leading poker room in the world.

The fifth, very valuable advice from pros PokerStars Raymond Wu: do not abuse the bluff. Bluffing is necessary only with a clear awareness of the necessity and consequences of this measure. A meaningless bluff turns poker from an intellectual game into a "roulette" where nothing depends on you and as a result leads to a loss. Not to mention the fact that such a participant acquires a strong reputation, to put it mildly, a stupid player.

The sixth Board from the same Raymond: never, ever stay in a hand just because we put a lot in the Bank. Despite all the strategies and tactics in poker, there is an element of luck and it may not be on Your side, especially if the hands are not too good situation. Do not spare money because of greed, if you see that the card is not. Continuing the party You will be forced to raise rates over and over again and finally will lose everything because of simple stubbornness. Sometimes it's better to lose a part to save the whole.

Another, very important, but not too obvious, point to which Yevgeny Kachalov draws attention: do not sit down to play in a bad mood or unimportant state of health. Still no use. Attention is scattered, thoughts are confused - what kind of poker can this be? The probability of a sad ending is too high, not to mention the fact that there is no pleasure from such a game.

And, in the continuation of the topic, perhaps, the main, final advice to the newcomer, this time from the masters of off-line parties Dmitry Lesnoy and Lev Nathanson: try to get pleasure from the game. Often it becomes difficult to do, if all night long you sit behind the monitor, and at first glance no payback. As they say, it is easy to be comforted by victories, and if everything is the other way around and in the "portfolio" are mostly defeats? Well, it's time to remember that poker is a game, and you need to play with pleasure. Because, what a person does with pleasure sooner or later brings good results. Victory awaits you, you only need to apply a little effort!

P.S. In conclusion, a few very valuable tips from Ivan Demidov in this video