Each city boasts great places where you can assign a date to a girl or take a walk with friends and family, take a photo session or just relax on a weekend. Moscow is rich in such places, like no other city. If you decide to stroll around the capital of the Russian Federation, but do not know where to start, we suggest visiting beautiful places in Moscow, photos and descriptions of which are placed further.

The Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is the oldest part of the White Stone, as well as the main political, historical and spiritual center of Russia, where the residence of the President of the Russian Federation is located. This landmark is located on the banks of the Moskva River counts down history, dating back to the 12th millennium AD. The Kremlin ensemble has many churches, cathedrals and belfries that harmoniously blend with each other.

The "Tsaritsyno" Museum-reserve

Here you will find a huge territory with carpets of flowers and greenery, fountains, ponds, palace and park ensemble, etc. This is the favorite place of Queen Catherine the Great. After restoration in 2007 the territory of Tsaritsyno expanded, and a wonderful light and music fountain was erected.

Museum-estate "Izmailovo"

The most beautiful place of the capital of the Russian Federation and one of the most ancient noble estates. The history of the manor takes its origins in the XIV century, when it was erected for the Boyl Izmailovs. Unfortunately, its original form is not preserved. A magnificent combination of nature and architecture will not leave indifferent any visitor.

Museum-estate "Kolomenskoye"

Kolomenskoye is a beautiful place in modern Moscow, where Russian tsars have rested since the XIV century. It is a picturesque architectural and historical and nature-landscape museum-reserve in the heart of the capital of Russia, which is located on an area of ​​390 hectares.

The "Hermitage"Garden

This is one of the most popular and magnificent places of the Golden-domed. The garden was founded in 1895 by Yakov Shchukin, a theatrical entrepreneur. This landmark is famous for the fact that the first session of the Lumiere brothers' cinema was demonstrated here. In addition, at the end of the XIX century, the Art Public Theater was established here, headed by Nemirovich-Danchenko and Stanislavsky. A little later, the Russian private opera was founded here.

Tretyakov gallery

Of course, what could be the tour of beautiful places in Moscow without a visit to one of the largest art galleries – Tretyakov. Here you will find the most comprehensive collections of famous artists of Russia who are known far beyond its borders. You will be able to admire the works of Ilya Repin, Andrei Rublev, I. Shishkin, V. Vasnetsov, etc.

Bench reconciliation

For those who want his love to last forever, the reconciliation bench, located on the Luzhkov Bridge, is a magical place. It is believed that the lock left on the bridge and the key thrown to the Moscow river is a guarantee that your love will be boundless and endless. And if you suddenly quarreled with a close person, you will come to the aid of a shop of reconciliation.

The list containing the names of the beautiful places of Moscow is almost endless. Our Belokamennaya capital itself is a unique historical monument with unique manors, temples, country houses, estates, palaces and inimitable parks.