Job mechanic involves working with metal, but unlike metallurgists and Smiths, locksmith works with cold hard material. This profession for many centuries, and over the years of its existence a huge number of varieties.

The very word "locksmith" came from the German word "shloser" - a repairman for locks. It was with this activity that the profession of locksmith began to develop.

Today locksmiths are required in all types of repair and production. where are the large metal parts. Specialists in installation and repair of water communications call locksmiths-plumbers. The technician is a specialist who deals with the maintenance of various instrumentation and automation. Car repairs deals with car mechanic. With regard to the manufacture of cutting tools, toolmakers. Still there are plumbers, repairmen, mechanics metalloboranes works, as well as the mechanics of wide profile.

It is worth noting that the profession of locksmith prevalent and sought after brand at all stages of production and operation of various equipment. Every member of this profession must know.

  • safety
  • the principle of operation and device repaired equipment
  • the purpose of the basic mechanisms and units
  • the sequence of disassembly/Assembly and repair of units
  • conditions for the testing of those or other mechanisms
  • appointment and device of measuring and control devices
  • methods of processing various simple details
  • system of tolerances and landings
  • ways of eliminating various defects that can occur in the repair process or Assembly equipment
  • how to identify wear
  • methods of restoration of worn parts, as well as the rules of replacing them with new ones.

Eachthe mechanic must be able :

  • good understanding of drawings and diagrams that are provided in the passports of the equipment
  • repair and testing of machines and aggregates
  • producing various processing parts
  • to produce the tools needed to build and repair
  • to correctly identify and eliminate defects in operating equipment
  • check manufactured parts for accuracy, as well as to test under a certain load refurbished units
  • be the so-called punch list for repairs.

Also the profession of a locksmith requires certain qualities, including physical endurance, good eyesight, ability to concentrate, developed technical thinking. and you need to be careful and accountable.

The knowledge necessary for the profession, professional technical schools. Locksmiths usually work on the plants, various manufacturing enterprises, in the construction and repair organizations, as well as in repair shops.

As for career prospects. then the locksmith can eventually become a master of the shift or a foreman. Also possible is the so-called horizontal growth, representing an increase in qualifications.

Finally it is worth noting that the profession of locksmith is one of the most dangerous. Usually, injuries in manufacturing are the result of non-compliance with health and safety requirements that happens quite often. Of the causes of accidents are many, among them are deficiencies in the organizational aspects of production, imperfection of technological processes, failure to comply with sanitary standards and more.