Leaves, bark, birch buds are used by man for a very long time. Besides this tree gives us a wonderful product - birch sap. This transparent liquid, which looks very similar to water, is obtained at the very beginning of spring, until the very first leaves are dissolved. The ways of collecting the juice are quite simple. For this, cuts are made on the trunk of the tree, through which the healing liquid flows. It's enough just to collect it. If you do everything according to the recommendations, from one birch you can collect 2-3 liters of juice, with no harm to the tree. Let's figure out why and how to drink birch sap?

The composition of birch SAP

The composition of birch SAP is very rich. It includes vitamins and minerals, organic acids, essential oils, tannins, fruit sugars, saponins, as well as the elements magnesium, calcium, copper, sodium, potassium, manganese, etc. So the benefits from the use of birch SAP is clear. It is indicated for adults and children, both healthy and those suffering from various diseases – metabolic disorders, peptic ulcer and urolithiasis, rheumatism, sciatica, gout, etc. the Caloric content of juice is only 24 kcal per 100 g, it is possible to lose weight. Good to eat juice in heat, it's great thirst quencher.

Tips on how to drink birch juice

You can drink birch sap in the first place, of course, in fresh, natural form without the addition of sugar. It is in this form that it is most useful. It is colorless and has a soft, pleasant, slightly sweet taste. Freshly picked birch juice is stored in the refrigerator in a glass bowl for a short time - about 2 days. But, since it is extracted only in the spring, it becomes necessary to prepare it for a long period of time. For this, there are several methods that have long been used by man.

  1. Freeze. Birch SAP is poured into a small portion of the bags and goes in the fridge. The easiest and fastest method of processing of birch juice for future use.
  2. Preserving at home. This juice is filtered, boiled with the addition of citric acid and sugar. Then poured into the prepared sterilized jars ukuporivaniya. The method is quite simple and easy. To save packaging and place are also concentrate. To this raw material is evaporated on low heat to reduce its volume by 3-4 times. When used the concentrate is diluted with clean water.
  3. The tincture. The recipes include alcohol. Most often it is cleaned alcohol or vodka, administered in certain proportions. In tinctures, you can add mint, spices, berries, etc. Insist birch SAP on the needles. Delicious and healthy drink.
  4. Moonshine. Braga. brew. wine. All this can be made from fermented birch SAP. For this there are special technologies, and proven by people's experience. They are quite laborious and troublesome, it will also require a lot of time. But in the end you can get the original and unusual product that is sure to surprise guests.

So, the question of how to drink birch sap, there are many answers. You can use it fresh and prepare for future use for a long time. In all variants it will be useful and tasty. In addition, birch sap is widely used in cosmetology. They can wipe their face, rinse their hair, prepare lotions on its basis, etc. Birch juice preparations can also be used for this, which can be used throughout the year.