For a long time, gifts at the wedding were received only by the immediate perpetrators of the celebration - a young married couple. But for the last several years, the European wedding tradition has been increasingly popular, taking its roots back in the Middle Ages, according to which a mutual exchange of presents takes place between the young and the invited. To thank those present at the wedding with small gifts in many world countries is a must. Get a present is always nice, guests will be pleased to carry home a sweet surprise that will save a piece of general joy and positive.

What to give to wedding guests

A universal gift for all present can be bonbonniere. This is a small beautiful box with sweet treats, which can be sweets, wedding gingerbread, small chocolates, candied berries or nuts in chocolate glaze. Sometimes bonbonniere is a real work of art. When the guests eat the refreshment put there, the package is left to memory and used as a piggy bank, a box for buttons or ornaments. Such gifts for the guests at the wedding can be made with their own hands, buying a cute box in a specialized store, and sweets in a confectioner's shop. Also, the original hearts and muffins, decorated with a multicolored glaze, are wrapped in a transparent wrapper.

In addition to treats in the bonbonniere can put a small souvenir to remember, for example, a refrigerator magnet or key chain. Instead of boxes for packing bags from a fabric, wooden trunks or the paper envelopes decorated with a lace, satiny ribbons and small flower buds also will approach.

The original gifts for the guests at the wedding will be cups with a symbolic inscription and a memorable date, as well as small calendars depicting young spouses. If the budget and invited guests will not be enough, you can order a bottle of good wine or champagne for each family, on the label of which there will be a picture of the newlyweds and the date of the solemn event. If you want to make a present to everyone, then miniature bottles with alcohol or chocolate bars will perfectly suit. Very often newlyweds get small figurines, piggy banks, candlesticks and photo frames.

Prizes to the guests at the wedding

In addition to gifts, you need to prepare small prizes for those who will take part in wedding competitions. For this, different things are bought: soap bubbles, chupa-chups, pens, vases, notebooks, small toys, decorative candles, soap and shower gels in the form of hearts, chocolate medals and much more.

It would be good to prepare consolation prizes for those who will catch a wedding bouquet and a garter of the bride. The girls can order a cake, in which they will find a fortune-telling fortune, the guys make a similar gift, only in the predictions write something masculine. After the wedding, guests will certainly be interested to watch the disc with fun dances and competitions, in which they participated, so it is desirable for the newlyweds to make a copy to each family.

Gifts for wedding parents of the newlyweds

Undoubtedly, all attention on the day of the solemn marriage is riveted to a young married couple, they receive congratulations, kisses, bouquets of flowers and gifts from all guests. But do not forget the people closest to them, thanks to which young people were born. The wedding tradition of gifting the mother and father of newlyweds exists in many countries. Thus, the children show respect and appreciation for the fact that the parents were able to give life and raise a worthy person their second half.

What to give the groom's parents

The future daughter-in-law at the wedding, according to tradition, gives presents to her mother-in-law and father-in-law. It does not have to be expensive things, the most important thing is that they are not only pleasant, but also useful. It is best to buy an item for general use in an apartment or a country house, these may be technical appliances that will help ease household chores (electric meat grinder, multivarker, mixer, coffee mill or bakery), sleeping accessories (a beautiful bedspread, blanket, ), kitchen appliances (a set for fondue, a set of pots, coffee or tea sets).

A perfect and at the same time practical gift for the wedding of parents from the newlyweds will be sets for the sauna, consisting of dressing gowns with embroidered initials and towels. A wonderful touching surprise will be if the bride presents her new family with a large portrait, on which the bridegroom will be depicted along with her parents. Only such a gift should be ordered to the artist in advance, so that he could do the work on time. If the wedding budget allows, the mother-in-law will be pleasantly surprised, having received jewelry from the son's wife, and the groom's father - stylish cufflinks and a tie clip. As an alternative to this gift will fit tea strainer for tea and spoons made of silver. An excellent present will be a decorative fountain of a small size or an artificial fireplace, which will perfectly decorate the living room.

Gifts of the bride's parents to the wedding

A young spouse, taking away his chosen one from the parents' house, should make them memorable gifts. The household appliances will look very symbolic, for example, if they get a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher out of the box, the son-in-law can say that he brought an assistant who will help with housework instead of their daughter. To avoid embarrassment and not to give parents what they already have, a young spouse should consult his lover better, because who knows her father's and mother's tastes better than her. Maybe they have long wanted to buy a digital camera, an air humidifier, a color printer for printing family photos, a cordless phone or a salt lamp.

If money is allowed, then a wonderful gift for a wedding to parents from a newly-married couple can become a summer residence in a picturesque place. In the event that a father-in-law with his mother-in-law has everything, the best way out of the situation will be to purchase a voucher to the country where they dreamed to visit. With a fairly modest budget, the same T-shirts and cups with symbolic pictures and inscriptions look great.

The same gifts

That none of the parents are offended, you can give everyone the same gifts. As a traditional budget option, special medals for a wedding celebration with the inscriptions "Best Mother" and "Best Dad" are suitable. If the newlyweds expect to make their parents a more expensive gift for the wedding, then everyone can buy a watch and engrave a commemorative inscription on them. A budget, but very necessary presentation will be good automatic umbrellas or electronic photo frames, in which you can then post touching photos of the wedding. They will long remind parents of this wonderful day.

A nice addition to any gift, expensive or not, will be tickets to a concert or theater. Parents with great pleasure come to this event all together. There they will have the opportunity to get acquainted closer, to find a common language and thereby to cement the relationship with each other.