Redemption of the bride before the wedding is one of the most vivid and interesting moments of the wedding. In many countries of the world this tradition has been maintained for many centuries. A beautiful bride was married to a young man only after he paid for it. Now the tradition has changed its appearance a little, but it is the Russian ransom that represents not the payment, but the observance of an important ceremony.

Traditional Russian bride price

The process of redemption of the bride in hospitable Russia was a whole idea, to which they had long and carefully prepared themselves. If the groom was from a neighboring village, then his fellow villagers were the first to block his way to the bride. Very often they simply blocked the road with a log, which was placed on special goats. The future spouse in the company with his witness had to cut it. After the groom coped with this obstacle, he was offered water for washing, a towel and he continued his journey.

When the young approached the house of his chosen one, there, according to the wedding tradition, his relatives and neighbors were already waiting for him behind the closed gates. The bride and witness had to knock for a long time while the doors opened to them. In the courtyard there was always a cheerful crowd of children who were waiting for their part of the ransom - sweets. The door to the young man was blocked by the brother of the bride and made three riddles to him, thereby verifying the cleverness of the future husband of his sister.

The groom guessed riddles, triumphantly entered the house of the bride and handed out gifts to her friends. But I still had to find my beloved one. In one of the rooms on the bench sat the girls, covered with large identical cuts of cloth or scarves. The young man had to find the source of his choice and not make a mistake. When he found his bride, she went to the table. According to the Russian wedding ceremony the groom could take a place near the bride, only having redeemed him from the "rival". After receiving a few coins, the so-called competitor got up, and now the groom could sit on one pillow with his future wife. After that, the owners of the house invited all guests to a festive feast.

For many years this event has undergone many changes, now it has been simplified and modernized. We offer you several interesting options.

Scenario: the bride quest style

Many couples live in high-rise buildings, and it is not very convenient to carry out a ransom there. One has only to imagine a crowd of guests who hardly fit on the landing and slowly advance after the groom performing the tasks of the relatives of his beloved. Whether it's a fascinating quest, which will help diversify the traditional bride price. The essence of it is that the groom must perform tasks and guess riddles, each of which one step closer to his chosen one.

The quest game for ransom of the bride begins with the fact that with one of the friends the groom receives the first note in which a riddle is written, after guessing which he learns the location of the second. It is necessary to prepare three or four tasks, and it will be better if each next one is hidden closer to the place where the bride is. In case the question puts the groom at a dead end, he can call the bridesmaids and get a clue, for example, for the promise after the wedding to bring your favorite coffee to bed.

Of course, this idea of bride price is not easy in preparation and implementation, but the result is worth it. It is necessary to plan all stages of the game, to pick up where are the hidden notes and questions that will be written in them. For example, if a note is attached to a bench near the Playground, its location can be described as follows: "the First clue is waiting for you on the bench, near the place where the ring of children's laughter. It is located near the house on Lenin street, house number corresponds to the number of the apartment of the bride."

There can be many options, for example, those associated with memorable places of a couple in love: a cafe in which they met, the park where the first meeting took place, the embankment, where the first time was a declaration of love.

The script for ransom in a private house

Traditional bride price purchase, which will be held in a private house, provides an opportunity to make it interesting and unforgettable for both young and all guests. After all, the courtyard area can be decorated and stylized as you like. For example, imagine how great it is when real stars are invited to conduct a ransom. To do this, you need to select some very colorful and recognizable characters of domestic and foreign TV screens and change the guests in them who will conduct a thematic bride price. They can be Lady Gaga, Mikhail Boyarsky, Boris Moiseyev, Tarzan and others.

All of them will, based on their talents, have to cast for the role of spouse in the famous television series "The Happy Life of the Ivanov family", where the bride has already been approved for the main female role. The actor can check how the speech apparatus of the applicant works and offer him tongue twisters, the singer will ask to sing, and the athlete - to show his strength with the help of armwrestling. If the groom wants to give up this or that job, then he must pay off from the star that offers him. After he passes the casting, he will perform a leading role for joint rehearsals.

The script for the bride in a medical style

This option will be interesting and understandable to medical workers, because it can combine a lot of thematic jokes and features of this profession. To organize the script it is necessary to prepare the inscription "Quarantine" and hang it at the entrance, and the groom should meet people in white coats. To get inside, the future spouse will need to undergo disinfection, for this, in the mouth of a syringe without a needle, you can inject juice or sweet water and give a large tablet of ascorbic acid, which demonstratively get out of the box with the inscription "Viagra". For a more reliable picture, you can use special medical details to buy a bride, such as a pipette, a stethoscope and others.

Then the groom should be examined by doctors, for example, an oculist, he will offer him to read the numbers on the poster and remember what they can mean. This can be a day of dating young people, the date of birth of a mother-in-law, the age of the bride, the date of the wedding celebration and others. If the young one gives the wrong answer, a ransom is paid. Next, the groom is shown a poster with prints of his lips, he must guess where the imprint of his chosen one. In the end, the neurologist determines the disease - love. The patient will be helped only by artificial respiration, which, to loud applause, makes the bride.

Currently, some couples refuse to buy bride. The reason for this is often that young people have lived together for several years before the wedding and the meaning of this ritual is lost. In this case, it is possible to hold a wedding without a ransom or find an interesting alternative to this tradition.

Posters for ransom: texts

The fence, the walls of the house and the courtyard, which stand as a barrier to the bridegroom's bride during ransom, are often decorated with wedding posters. They can be of very different comic content, for example:

  • Hee-hee-hee, ha-ha-ha — will Rob the groom!
  • When in love words are not enough — make an offer!
  • We sell bride, very expensive take. Do not want what you want – the groom always find.
  • Married – dissuade friend!
  • We wish happiness to the young, and the rest to have a drink in smoke!
  • Bachelor, not yawn – a bride choose!
  • Mother – in-law dove of peace!
  • All in the family equally: husband tie wife a fur coat!
  • Give the marriage a sign of quality!
  • So strong was the Union – urgently need toddler.
  • The way to the heart of the husband is through his stomach!
  • The wedding – she and Africa – the wedding!

You can completely copy the contents of the posters proposed in this article. But if you show wit and creativity, add the names of the main participants of the celebration and their occupation, then on the basis of these options you can create your own unique wedding posters.