Do you think how to relax inexpensively in the Crimea? In which city is the cheapest place to stay? In order to save money, it is necessary to choose not large resort towns like Yalta, Gurzuf or Sudak, and small towns where you can relax and not worse, and much more profitable. So, we will open for you, TOP-5 places, where in Crimea it is cheaper to have a rest.

Mykolaivka – affordable resort of the Western Crimea

The village is located on the Black Sea coast between such major tourist centers as Evpatoria and Sevastopol. From the capital of Crimea, Simferopol, is only 40 km.

Its advantage is in a clean warm sea and free beaches. Prices here for housing and food are strikingly different from the cost on the southern coast of the Crimea, and there are also many excursions and entertainment for tourists. In Mykolaivka there are both large boarding houses, and mini-hotels, cottages, apartments and rooms of the private sector.

Housing prices: an apartment in the summer season will cost from 200 rubles. per day, cottages - from 400 rubles. per day.

The resort of Mykolayivka is well suited for families with children: the sea is shallow, the entrance to the water is gentle, there are no sharp cliffs. On the main street of Mykolaivka called Naberezhnaya there is a large number of cafes, restaurants and shops, as well as many discos and attractions in the village. Half an hour's drive from the resort is the largest in the region water park "Banana Republic". For lovers of outdoor activities: diving, water hunting, excursions to anywhere in the Crimea.

There are only two minuses: if you are a fan of the Southern Coast of the Crimea (SKA) and love the mountainous terrain, Nikolaevka will not be able to please you with steep slopes and descents, the resort is located on a shallow terrain. In addition, lovers of big cities and noisy megacities here can be boring.

Solnechnogorskoye, Malorechenskoye and fishing – places on the South coast, where you can relax inexpensive

True lovers of the Southern coast of Crimea will like the rest in these villages. Three resorts in many respects are similar to each other and are located side by side. The advantage of these places is in a large selection of affordable housing and more free beaches, which even in the height of the summer season are not overloaded with people.

Solnechnogorsk is the first settlement from Alushta, located in the valley of the river Ulu-Uzen. Its main attraction is the 15-meter Jur-Jur waterfall. This resort is favorable for treating people with respiratory diseases, as well as cardiovascular insufficiency. The central beach of the resort is small-pebbled, mixed with gray-red volcanic sand. For those who want to rest here cheaply, you can advise the private sector, prices for accommodation in which start from 200 rubles per day.

Malorechenskoe is 45 km from Alushta. Its main advantages are a nice free beach and scenic nature around. There is a unique lighthouse in the village, which was built on a high cliff above the sea. In Malorechensky tourists can go to the winery with tasting, where they produce the famous wine "Massandra". As for living, in this town you can find a mini-hotel with a cost of 200 rubles per day, and an apartment - and the cheaper. From Malorechensky along the coastal serpentine you can easily get to the next village - Rybachye.

Fishing resort town is famous for its wide pebble beach, along which there are numerous cafes and small hotels, whose prices are more than reasonable. This resort is famous for its Bay of Love – you can get there, passing right through the main beach and then turning on the steep trail through rock ledge. The resort is suitable for those who wish to fully enjoy the nature and clear sea, take a break from the usual hustle and bustle of big cities.

These villages are designed for a relaxing holiday, but if you want noisy entertainment, you can easily get to the large entertainment cities of the South Coast, such as Yalta, Alushta and Alupka. On the route there are regular buses, and excursions and pleasure boats are sent from the berths.

Evpatoria – one of the most affordable resort towns

If you would like to still have a rest in a larger village, then Evpatoria is a city that can be noted as relatively inexpensive, it is suitable for an inexpensive vacation in the Crimea. Due to its climatic features, this resort is extremely popular for families with children. Its beaches are sandy and pebble with a length of almost 30 km. In high season, the beach is filled with tourists almost to the point of failure, so it is better to sunbathe and swim closer to the outskirts.

If you appreciate the cultural component of the holiday - be sure to walk through the Old Evpatoria, it still retained the layout of the past centuries, here you can find buildings 300 years ago. It is worth visiting the Khan-Jami mosque and the monastery of dervishes, which is located between the street. International and st. Karavaev, see for yourself Karaite kenasses on the street. Karaite, 68 and the museum of antiquities Kara-Tobe.

By the most famous places in Evpatoria two-story excursion buses run, in this way it is most convenient to explore the whole city. If you want to travel around the city in a taxi, the price of such a trip will come from 70 rubles.

The cheapest housing is also in the private sector, its price is from 400 rubles. Here, as in any other resort town, the rule is that the closer to the sea, the higher the cost of living.

Koktebel is a resort where cheap to rest in the Eastern Crimea

This place is located in the south-eastern part of the peninsula, 15 km from Feodosia, while it is located in a unique natural beauty zone. It is here that the Crimean steppe flows into the mountainous terrain, and its main property is the extinct volcano Kara-Dag. The climate of Koktebel also combines features of both steppe and Mediterranean. This resort is good for recreation with children - the sea here is clean and with a safe entrance, and the beaches are pebbly-sandy.

This place - the main center of gliding on the whole peninsula, jumping organized next to the village on Mount Klementyev. Still here you can make an underwater dive, ride a horse or tour. The cost of renting a house in Koktebel is lower than on the South Coast, you can find an apartment for 300 rubles, so this resort is suitable for those who want to relax in the Crimea inexpensively.

Solar – cheap resort at affordable prices

This resort town is located on the western coast of the peninsula, 50 km from Simferopol. Every year the level of service here is improving, and the price of housing in Sunny continues to be within affordable limits.

  Here you can cheaply stay in a boarding house (from 250 rubles per day) or private sector (price from 180 rubles), prices for food and sightseeing tours are also among the lowest among the Black Sea resorts. From the bus station of the resort you can easily get to Simferopol, as well as Sevastopol and Bakhchisaray, in summer, regular buses run at a frequency of 15 - 30 minutes.

Tips on how to save on a trip to the Crimea?

  1. It is not necessary to take accommodation with meals, it often turns out that it is more profitable to eat separately.
  2. Do not book rooms in hotels and hotels in advance - look for accommodation upon arrival with local residents.
  3. Go rest not in the high season.
  4. If you used to eat in cafes and restaurants – ask the residents of the resort, where the most affordable prices and quality food, and the most economical option to cook their own meals.
  5. Tours are quite expensive, it is better to create the route and get to the place you are interested.
  6. If you eat on the trip by taxi, it is advisable to find fellow-travellers and together with them to split the fare.
  7. Do not buy homemade wines in the most popular tourist spots, it is better to scout from a local about where they take these drinks for yourself cheaper.
  8. Beware make rash purchases. Often on vacation tourists nakupu an incredible number of magnets and other trinkets which leads to great costs and allows you to relax cheaply in the Crimea.