Mykolaivka – affordable resort of the Western Crimea






Solnechnogorskoye, Malorechenskoye and fishing – places on the South coast, where you can relax inexpensive




Fishing resort town is famous for its wide pebble beach, along which there are numerous cafes and small hotels, whose prices are more than reasonable. This resort is famous for its Bay of Love – you can get there, passing right through the main beach and then turning on the steep trail through rock ledge. The resort is suitable for those who wish to fully enjoy the nature and clear sea, take a break from the usual hustle and bustle of big cities.


Evpatoria – one of the most affordable resort towns





Koktebel is a resort where cheap to rest in the Eastern Crimea



Solar – cheap resort at affordable prices



Tips on how to save on a trip to the Crimea?

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  3. Go rest not in the high season.
  4. If you used to eat in cafes and restaurants – ask the residents of the resort, where the most affordable prices and quality food, and the most economical option to cook their own meals.
  5. Tours are quite expensive, it is better to create the route and get to the place you are interested.
  6. If you eat on the trip by taxi, it is advisable to find fellow-travellers and together with them to split the fare.
  7. Do not buy homemade wines in the most popular tourist spots, it is better to scout from a local about where they take these drinks for yourself cheaper.
  8. Beware make rash purchases. Often on vacation tourists nakupu an incredible number of magnets and other trinkets which leads to great costs and allows you to relax cheaply in the Crimea.