Decorating wedding champagne with your own hands is a very interesting and creative activity. A bottle of champagne from a normal alcoholic beverage will turn into real value. In our master class there are photos and videos with which you can decorate champagne the same way, or bring something to your bottle decoration.

  • a standard bottle of champagne
  • glue gun, super glue, PVA glue, a solvent (or alcohol), cotton swabs
  • scissors, iron
  • strips of fabric (brocade, taffeta, satin) for pasting bottles – 4 PCs. (width 5cm, length 12-15 cm).
  • A strip of cloth (lace, tulle) – 1 PCs (length 30 cm, width 6 cm).
  • ready-made artificial leaves (or cut them out of tissue paper)
  • stripes of blue and red fabric of gold of different length and width (from 3х10 cm to 5х15 cm) - for making flowers;
  • paper decorative ribbon (blue, pink, gold)
  • needle and matching colored thread.

Wedding decoration champagne: a master class

  1. Before starting the decoration of wedding champagne, you need to prepare the bottle itself. Wash it. Using warm water and brush remove all paper labels and labels. Then dry the surface and degrease by wiping with existing special tool. Note: if you are going to decorate wedding champagne in silver tones, then in any case, do not wipe with alcohol or solvent gold foil on the neck: the gold instantly erased.

  • At the prepared strips of fabric zautyuzhte 0.8 – 1cm to wrong side. Have the fabric that will be used for pasting of the bottle, tuck only one side, the strips of which will be made – flowers- zautyuzhte all four sides. Guipure strip fold in half along the length.

  • Heat the glue gun. Superimposing the strips at an angle, as shown in the photo, quickly glue the ends of the fabric. Following a number of put on top of the first. And so on until the fourth row. Then circle the bottle attach the cotton fabric, using glue gun.

  • From the guipure narrow strip make a "skirt" for the foundation of wedding champagne. Collect one edge on the thread, evenly distribute the shutters and glue the "skirt" with "super glue". See the video and photos.

    Advice: act very quickly and carefully so no glue gets on the skin.

  • Fasten leaves and twigs. Now from the same fabric from which the decorated upper wedding champagne, cut a piece the correct size for the bottom. Put it on top of "skirt" and guipure parts, so that the point of attachment of the "grass and leaves" was hidden. Glue the fabric.
  • Then from a Golden paper lace shape wedding rings.

    Note: If the braid is one-sided, as in this case, glue with glue PVA two pieces of gold side out.

    Carefully grease the circle with a "super-glue" ring and press it to the surface of the bottle. From the other ring, first cut and glue the element that is located inside the first ring, then bend the second part and glue so that the elements are as close as possible.

  • Flowers made with needle and thread, wrapping the strip of fabric inside and stitching at the base. You can take the ready flowers from fabric or polymer clay. Just need seven roses. Fasten them to the glue gun.

  • Decoration of wedding champagne is almost finished. It remains to make a light decor the top. Tie around the lid with a paper band and tape a rose.

    Wedding champagne with your own hands is ready!

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