Wedding preparation – it is troublesome and difficult, because the bride and groom should not only choose outfits and agree about the decoration of the Banquet hall, send invitations to friends, but also choose the photo booth wedding album or to do it yourself, reflect on their images for a photo shoot to come up with an original story for a video love story.

Every step of preparing for a wedding is a painstaking work, taking away strength and time. Today we offer you some exciting ideas for shooting a wedding lover story. They inspire you to create your own unique love story!

Wedding video love story: what will it be?

The shooting of the wedding video lava stori gives the opportunity to the newlyweds to create their own little life movie. In such a video, the couple's acquaintance, the first kiss and the first formal date, the offer of the hand and the heart, the joint journey can be embodied. The scenario of the lava story is very individual, and each couple sees their own story in a special way - someone likes the dance story, someone wants to swim in the sea, someone sees himself in the images of angels among passers-by, and someone even give a sports or a humorous love story script.

View examples of video love story in different styles

Walk to the sea

History in the flowered garden

Waiting for love

Today video shootings of wedding lavas in another country are very popular. Such a film can begin to be shot before the wedding, and will continue at the resort during the honeymoon.

Another enchanting idea is a winter fairy tale. If you plan a wedding in the winter, the script of the birth of hot love in the cold season will be very romantic.

As you can see, the script of a wedding love story can be very unexpected and depends on the overall style of your life, the emotionality of the relationship, the images of the bride and the groom at the wedding. It is unlikely that every idea requires a detailed description, because after watching a short film about love you will probably have your own creative idea. In other words, you have to become directors of your own film about love, and our ideas will help you to embody the wildest fantasies.

Love story: original ideas (video)

In addition to the wedding film, modern young couples also have the opportunity to shoot and everyday love stories, inventing an original script in advance. Here, for example, a cheerful story lover at the gas station "The Birth of Love."

If lovers have a good sense of humor, a love story can be very funny and unusual, like this boring movie, stylized in the final of the under cartoon Masha and the Bear.

And this exciting love story of two young people who met in the bookstore, is suitable for couples whose relationships developed very romantically and slowly.

The most unusual places will suit the shooting of lavas. In addition to the city park during the flowering period, you can also visit the roof of a high-rise building, together make the first jump with a parachute or fly by helicopter, arrange a video about love in the metro, ski resort or horse farm.

Whatever the scenario of your love story, the more realistic it will be, the more emotions you will experience during viewing after years.

At the end of the love story, lovers can voice an invitation to a wedding for their friends.

Love story: script

Individual scenario of the love story allows you to capture a unique story.

Use our sample script to shoot a video of your unique story.

Here are the main classical part of the script of love story:

  1. Total exposure: the story of the life of men and women before the first meeting of the lovers. In the beginning of the video you can briefly talk about how young people spent their time before their meeting, alluding to the fact that in everyone's life as if something was missing (love).
  2. The plot of the story: first meeting, first date, kissing. In this part you can talk about coincidence, which led to an acquaintance or a certain sequence of events, without which there would take place a meeting of lovers. A great solution for this part will be shot in two variants – as met a couple, and the fact that the lovers wouldn't have met, if the events developed differently.
  3. The main part of love story: the development of relationships, the interaction couples – courtship, Dating, mutual friends, shared interests and Hobbies, common Hobbies, and so forth.
  4. Climax: this is the final part of the love story, which should be possible to reveal and to embody a proposal of marriage. Let it be a romantic surprise for a girl or unexpectedly bold proposal the man from the woman – most importantly, the idea of the love story took into account the nature of the partners. For example, emotional young people can make their choice in favor of dynamic roller with fighting or extreme sports, and the more relaxed the couple will fall in love with the story from the horses.

Finally, I want to note that our ideas lava stori need not necessarily be a template. Surely in your head the first minutes of the film about love are already born according to your own exclusive script. Shipwreck and salvation by the groom of the bride, help the neighbor with a breakdown in the car, a meeting of two animal lovers on the training platform - which one do you prefer?

All lovers we also offer to see original ideas for a wedding photo shoot in our thematic review. They are sure to please you!