Marriage is a special holiday. Having fun walking at a banquet, fortunately, or unfortunately our people do not have any thoughts to sit down in a cabriolet with tin cans tied to it and at the height of a feast ride on a honeymoon. Slavic soul requires the continuation of the holiday, so a little rest after yesterday's feast, the active guests are reunited together. The decision how to spend the second day of marriage depends only on the personal preferences of the bride and groom, and we will show you some original ideas.

The script of the second day of wedding: traditional

According to the ancient Russian custom, the next day after the wedding takes place with fun contests, funny dressing and a festive feast in the circle of friends and relatives. At the entrance to the house the guards were on duty, they met the guests and let them in only for a fee. Before the beginning of the feast, witnesses should break the plate for happiness. According to the traditional scenario on the second day of the wedding, all the honors went to the parents of the newlyweds. They were thanked for everything, bestowed on them and now they were shouted: "It's bitter." Especially guests like the cheerful rite of a father-in-law and mother-in-law. Parents of the young were seated in a wheelbarrow and tried to drive along the most bumpy places, then the son-in-law was washing his feet and putting on new shoes for her.

Very often, from among those present, the girl was chosen and dressed as a groom, and the young man as a bride. These pseudonyms occupied pride of place at the table, and real newlyweds had to buy them. Most of the competitions, in which young people had to participate, experienced them in the role of the hosts of the house.

The second day of wedding: outdoors

The day after the wedding, you can forget about the city bustle, went with the guests to the hostel, a rented house near a pond or just into the forest. The most important thing to know in advance is the weather forecast, so that the rain or strong wind does not cloud the impressions of the rest. You can fry a shish kebab with the friends, buy in the pond and sunbathe, sing songs to the guitar, play badminton or basketball.

It will be interesting on the second day of the wedding to arrange comic competitions, during which the guys, for example, will need to throw a lasso on a snag or a stump, and the girls put out fire in a fire with the help of a water pistol. You can also organize a game of "Cossack robbers" and kidnapping a young wife, the groom's team will have to find her. If the wedding is celebrated in winter, then sledging and skating, erecting a snow fortress, playing snowballs will be an unforgettable holiday for active youth. The main thing - to organize within reach a warm room with hot drinks and snacks.

Scenario of the second day of the wedding: going to the bath

Still our distant ancestors sang such useful for an organism rest, as a Russian bath. There was a tradition when the bride and groom after their wedding spent their first night in the bathhouse. Indeed, it is difficult to argue that going to a sauna or a bath will promote the evaporation of the remains of alcohol in the blood and will put in order the nervous system that, due to pleasant pre-wedding hassles, has been subjected to active attacks the last 24 hours.

Who can refuse, if the script of the second day of the wedding will include popular now SPA procedures. Friends, no doubt, will be grateful for such a pleasant time spending, and many second wedding day will like more than the first. This kind of rest will not only let you relax well, but also socialize and have fun.

In the second scenario the wedding day: journey by boat

If in a city where young people live, there is a large pond, then a trip on a motor ship will leave pleasant memories for all participants. A huge advantage of this solution is a unique romantic atmosphere. If young people want to take a night walk, then it's worth taking care of decorating the ship with original garlands. Thus, it will be a real private party, which can be perfectly complemented with live music and exquisite cocktails. It will be very beautiful, if the groom prepares a video that will tell all present the love story of the newlyweds, and the bride, for example, will sing a touching song for her lover.

The script of the second day of the wedding: masquerade

To make a holiday special, you can arrange a themed party. All guests who will take part in it must be in suits.

Hawaiian party

In the warm season you can organize a Hawaiian theme party. To create the right atmosphere will help appropriate music, tropical cocktails, palm trees of the balls and, of course, lei – irreplaceable Hawaiian decoration. Hawaiians love to play and have fun, so it is necessary to plan the contests. For example, take the rope or the pole, decorate it with flowers and ribbons. The music and applause, the players must pass under the rope, leaning while ago. After all will cope with this task, the bar is lowered a little, the one who touches it is eliminated from the competition. Always wins the most flexible.

Cowboy party

Guests will be interested on the second day of the wedding to plunge into the breathtaking atmosphere of the wild west. In order to organize such a party, you need a few cacti, in extreme cases you can make them from balloons. On the walls hang leaflets with the inscription Wanted and photographs of the newlyweds. Tables and chairs can be decorated with small sheaves of hay, and hang several horseshoes on the walls. A cowboy party is best spent in a big country house, but a restaurant and a cafe are also suitable.

To make the guests look like real cowboys, you should stock up on several hats, red kerchiefs, cage shirts and toy pistols. You should also prepare appropriate entertainment. For example, you can arrange wild jumps where horses are boys, and riders are girls. The task of the participants is to go to the bar to water the tired tequila horse, without getting off it, and go back.

The script of the second day of the wedding: foam party

Today in a fashion creative approach to the organization of any holidays, if young people want to spend the day after the wedding day is unconventional and fun, then an excellent solution will be a foam party. The second day of the wedding allows for the absence of certain conventions and strict outfits, so an incendiary show will be all to taste. Of course, such an event should be held only in the summer, because very few people like to go to the cold wet and foam. In the heat of the foam show will be a real highlight of the second day of the wedding and bring everyone present a sea of ​​positive emotions and drive.

Adult people can again feel like children, having fun and dancing to the famous hits in the sea of ​​foam, which sometimes can reach almost human growth. Foam party will leave unforgettable impressions, and photos from the event will undoubtedly become the most loved.

The second scenario the wedding day: active rest

If the energy of the guests beats the key, then the bride and groom can check their dexterity by playing paintball and then all the patterns will collapse against the background of extreme and extraordinary that this fashionable entertainment offers. Shooting balls with paint, of course, will be remembered by the acuteness of sensations. If the newlyweds and their guests want to maximize the level of adrenaline in the blood, then jump jumping and parachute jumping will help in this, especially if for someone it will be the first experience.

In addition, almost in any sports institution provides the opportunity to fry a shish kebab, for this special areas are equipped.

A visit to the equestrian club will also be a wonderful solution for the holiday. A stroll is very romantic, an experienced instructor will help those who wish to learn to sit in the saddle. And if the club is located near the forest or a picturesque pond, then a picnic after horse riding will be just the way.

Scenario 2 day wedding for fans of speed can include riding mopeds, quads, go carts or motorcycles. Will look great a wedding procession, only it is necessary to plan some special route and during stops to do a photoshoot.

Visiting the water park with its dizzying attractions will bring no less vivid memories than all of the above options. The whole company will be able to have fun there, and during the rest to have lunch at any cafe that is located on the territory of the complex. Whatever the decision, the main thing is that the holiday should be filled with bright emotions and good mood.