In the transition the first half of 2014 nobody even thought about where to take the credit in the Crimea and Sevastopol. However, in light of the events of the Crimean Spring, the situation of the Crimean people has changed. After a brief pause, which lasted at least 5-6 months to take loans in Crimea has become as easy as a year ago, the difference is only that changed a list of banks and credit unions. Now you can choose from 30 different Russian banks offering their credit programs. We did a review of the best deals.

The largest banks in the Russian Crimea – MCB (formerly owned by Bank of Moscow), GENBANK and Krayinvestbank. Of the local banks, who were able to re-register and remain on the Peninsula from the Ukrainian times, left the black sea Bank of reconstruction and development (chbrr) and the Bank of the Sea.

Loans in Crimea, RNCB

In the field of credit proposals RNCB is the clear leader, and not only because the Peninsula is home to the largest number of its branches. It provides the best interest rate (24%) for payroll customers. And among them pensioners, rabotnik of budgetary sphere, military men.

For other categories of individuals, loans from 3 years are offered at 25.9% per annum. Mortgage is provided at 14.95% per annum.

Official website of the Bank:

Credit in the Crimea: the conditions from GenBank

GenBank gives Russian loans in Crimea to holders of its payroll cards. But not all citizens can take advantage of this offer, but only those who have continuous experience in the last place of work not less than 3 months. The amount of the loan without additional collateral – up to 70% of salary for a period of 1 year to 22% per annum. From GenBank can be issued and a cash loan in the Crimea.
  Official website of Genbank:

Credit in the Crimea: Krayinvestbank

Krayinvestbank in Krasnodar came to the territory of the Russian Crimea one of the first. In the Bank there are special offers for the public sector employees, pensioners, students. The size of loans small up to 100 thousand roubles without pledge and to 500 thousand rubles under the guarantee. To receive credit in the Crimea, will only need a passport, certificate of employment and certificate of salary (pension) for the last three months, can be in the form of an extract from salary/pension card. Applications are reviewed within 7 days. Credit for up to 5 years can take at 13.5% in rubles in the amount up to 500 thousand.

More details about Kraiinvestbank loans:

Ukrainian loans in the Crimea

Today in Crimea there is a steady line of work with the Ukrainian loans that were issued prior to 2014. As Ukrainian banks not transfer their rights in the Russian assignee, to pay the Ukrainian loans in the Crimea simply is not possible.

Crimea, Russia: loan to buy car

At least 10 of the Crimean banks offers loans on favorable terms. After making an initial payment from 15% to 30%, you will be able to purchase a new or used car, foreign cars and cars of the CIS, trailers, trucks. The main currency is the Russian ruble.

The portal "Banks of Crimea" collected the most complete information about where to get a loan in the Crimea, the names of programs, goals, maximum amounts, forms of issuance and loan terms.