Not far off on February 23, when all the girls, girls and women congratulate the strong half of humanity with their long-awaited holiday. Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrated everywhere: at home and at work, in schools and universities, and that the holiday was fun, all kinds of contests and funny games are arranged, and lovely ladies and girls sing chastushki on February 23! These naughty folk songs have been invented already countless numbers. In the article we collected the most ridiculous and funny chastushki to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland. Be sure all guests of the festive evening will be satisfied!

Funny limericks on February 23 for men

Surprise your men with cool chastooshkas by February 23! Congratulate your beloved husbands, brothers and sons with interesting and funny quatrains. Such unusual congratulations they will remember for a long time. The best chastooshkas you will find here.

On the Day of defender congratulate
Today, we are all men.
All of them love and respect
  For their courage and rank.

Officers were proud of
Pocono century in Russia.
Now the salary was
  Though ask at the porch.

In the present day men
Go important – like peacocks!
Congratulations, waiting is not in vain –
  From February 23!

Over land the fog is,
Zero visibility.
The stall lies a man –
  Russian real estate.

All men are gentlemen
Sostavlet stronger sex
And when I went to the foundry
Only women found there
There is, of course, hard work
Who is it there is happy
While men work it
  Every day they are

My man is so smart
And, of course, strong!
Drags everything home
  The wallet is just empty!

Gentlemen, gentlemen,
All from Petit Valera,
Gather together in a heap,
We ditties otchebuchit.
We sing for you today
And the motive we have one,
With the twenty-third to congratulate you
Very, very we want!
Manka dancing with the balalaika
Play tra-La-La,
Notes Manka with Vanka
  February 23!

Manya van offers
As a present, the love for "so",
And does not want to let him walk,
  Without a gift, like a fool.

No glass no vocals
Pour Kuma eshsho!
Drink, sweetheart, that was,
  All men are fine!

All the Defenders appreciate
All one pour,
And the head – glass
  To better protect!

I planted peas,
And the peas he is not ascended.
Without you we are men, bad
  And you are not well.

Oh, chief to congratulate
Each tries
Though the rhymes to navegante,
  Let him not be upset.

My dear, my dear,
To war take me along,
There you're going to fight,
  I - to serve cartridges.

Loved the Lieutenant,
Pozhenilis the other day.
And both began to undress
  I'm tangled in the straps.

Fell in love with the Lieutenant.
The road was major.
The major was looking,
  The lieutenant someone had stolen!

We sang a song for you –
The peasants here and there!
You in love priznalsya.
  If only they did not get conceited.

All ditties were sung,
Yeah, so we're good!
You Pat more friendly,
  We tried our best!

Funny limericks on February 23 for colleagues

On the corporate evening of February 23, all ladies congratulate their male colleagues and, as a rule, come up with a small festive script for Defender of the Fatherland Day. With chastooshkas, the event will be much more fun - men will be delighted with the mischievous quatrains. Below we offer you a selection of chastooshkas for February 23 colleagues. Some of them contain names that you can replace with the names of your colleagues.

To congratulate you - men,

On ourselves we take the initiative!

Everyone is just a hero

Even in everyday life!

Then raise the bottle with water,

From the height of what to get,

A circle of common interests

All are able to defend!

Brewing at us and growing up

But, as Sasha appeared,

He took the question that hour!

No trial is terrible,

Sasha is on guard here!

Another couple of subordinates,

Debtors will give everything back!

The network of intrigues plaited "ACC"

He thought that for ages!

But Andrew came here to us,

And the end of the intrigue of all!

Here's the next gas,

Be afraid of everything now us!

Be, Andryukha, ahead!

"ACC"! Wait for it!

Agent Max will introduce,

Who needs, ohmurit.

But it will get all old,

If only the Head in the closet!

But for Max there is no beauty,

Than the wife - beauty Masha!

And do not know his peace,

He wants to become a hero father!

Everyone will ask a vector

Our George, our director!

He loves the quality of work,

He will not allow harm!

The soul tells us to help,

But only that .... who is washed!

Who does the dirt on the shoes,

If you want to be strong,
It is necessary to serve in the army.
Experience will tell you
  How to live life correctly.

On the Day of defender congratulate
Today, we are all men.
All of them love and respect
  For their courage and rank.

On the Day of defender today
To congratulate you gathered.
To a festive meal
  Strongly you are not drunk.

On the Day of defender we have
Congratulations to all now.
All we wish you health,
  So that the love of fire does not fade.

I want to be you officer,
Lieutenant love.
Live at the garrison
  Years not less than thirty.

Comic ditties on February 23 for children and students

On February 23, young schoolmates rush to congratulate the young defenders! Usually chastooshkas enter the festive scenario on a class hour and are performed by girls for boys-classmates. Students can be divided into several groups, each of which will sing certain previously learned chastooshkas, at the end, all the girls together will perform the concluding ditties. Below is a selection of humorous ditties by February 23 for children and schoolchildren.

Begin to sing ditties,
Please do not laugh.
Don't look at us
  We can be shy!

We guys are great
Beautiful and smart
Congratulations, boys,
  Happy defender of the country!

The third quarter is already in full swing,

And the boys are dreaming:

It would be a vacation again!

In our class all boys
Like to differ.
Who paints, who sings,
  Someone is having fun!

Ships go to sea,
Airplanes in the clouds
Let them all know about it,
  Our Army is strong.

And at home, children can congratulate their dads and grandfathers beautifully! Chastushki on February 23 can not help but please the parents, and the holiday will be very fun.

One, two, three, four, five –
Will the Pope say
Defender's day has come!
Wishes was just a squall:
TIME disease age not to know
To the health of the sport.
TWO to work without worries,
And for THREE salaries on time.
FOUR bright days,
Good, loyal friends
Never to lose.
Respect to flourish!
And FIVE great love,
  With the Day of the Champion, the hero.

One, two, three, four, five –
Will the Pope to congratulate
And want various benefits:
Not to lose the winning flag
To the plight of prisoners – not to get
Them bravely to win.
One, two, three, four, five –
  Let me kiss you.

You are the best grandpa,
And I'm proud of you!
Dreams and hopes
  Always with you I share!

Appreciate the advice I
And wisdom, and participation.
I wish you longevity
  Health, strength and happiness.

Funny poems and limericks about the boys ' names on February 23

Any chastushki becomes more ridiculous, if you can add the name of the one for whom they are sung. Boys will be very happy when they hear their names in funny songs! Chastushki on February 23 with names will decorate any class hour, dedicated to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland or a festive children's evening. If the name you want is not in the quatrain, try simply replacing the one in the chastushka with it.

We have a silent Artemka:
Kind, gentle as home,
But does not hide Pro stock
  All the latter will give up.

Our vital, like a clown,
The building faces a terrible.
Seen looks a lot
  Goths are terrible.

The lesson of silence
Only Maxim always yells:
"Wait, do not rush!
I haven't written it yet!
Where to read, tell me!
  I'm back from you again! "

Shura, Shura – giggles —
All the laughs inappropriately,
Bursting into laughter is ringing,
  In the classroom all in a row.

But seriously of all the people.
He is a good knight,
And well-mannered, and modest.
  It is necessary to take from him an example.

What are you, Pasha, our pain,
Weak and puny?
Learn how karate,
  You will become the strongest.

The Bears and the bully
Mouth extend from ear to ear.
That did not, all with a smile
  Though zaryazochki prisha.

You love me, Vanya,
Love you my dear.
  I love you, the hammer,
  And I do not need another.

Many cats have suffered
  From Valerkin's heel.
As you will see, and in the basement
  All cats run away.

The chastushki on February 23, which we have proposed, will certainly cheer everyone present at the celebration and perfectly decorate it. Have fun celebrating you!