New Year is a bright holiday. It is associated with the smell of a Christmas tree, tangerines, a feast, a long weekend at school, at work and, of course, congratulations and gifts. Before the New Year, almost all working groups organize New Year parties. And since the work colleagues often become friends, the question arises, how to congratulate colleagues on the New Year? We offer you poems and speeches for a festive corporate party.

How unusual to congratulate the staff on the New Year

New Year is a unique moment to express your respect to colleagues at work. The original greeting will be a poster with a photo of colleagues, which will indicate the successes and achievements of each employee, funny and funny working moments. The newspaper can be decorated in a humorous style, complemented by thematic collages.

The original greeting will be the appearance of Santa Claus with his granddaughter and gifts in the midst of work. To receive a gift for the New Year, employees will have to stand on a chair, tell a verse or congratulations.

It is very pleasant to find a personalized postcard in the workplace with a small congratulation. Modest gifts will also cheer up. Congratulations should be benevolent, witty. Ideally, for each employee you can pick up an individual poem or prose.

To present congratulations to colleagues on the New Year can be publicly during the New Year's party, corporate. It is advisable to think in advance the musical accompaniment. For the New Year, prose, poetry, and even stage performances on the theme of the life of the collective are good, the main thing is to connect the imagination and capture a good mood.

How to congratulate colleagues on the New Year: congratulations in verse

Happy New Year, collective! Everyone forget about the negative!

The terrible crisis is not terrible for us, the office is decorated with ribbons,

Mandarins and sweets - New Year signs,

Cavalry ladies flatter, traffic jams fly to the ceiling!

Let's be happy, colleagues! We are our victories strategists!

Monkey let him bears us a good salary,

And in the service of promotion, from the authorities - respect,

From customers - thanks, from partners - solidarity!

Colleague today I congratulate,

Sometimes I want to be lazy.

And do not go to work,

And have fun and hang out.

I wish you a large salary,

Colleague with all my heart I adore.

Champagne to all pour,

Quickly fire crackers.

After all, on the eve of the New Year,

He brings gifts to all of us,

So let's have fun,

The main thing is not to sleep at all.

Accept the New Year congratulations,

And the desire for happiness and love.

In a year the future will have more patience for you,

Good luck let it fill your days.

Partners of honest, smart and reliable,

Do not deviate from the desired path.

Contracts are profitable, and it is better to do more,

And to the goal in order to come!

Our collective is small,

But with a great soul,

Will meet the New Year,

What is knocking at the gate -

Father Frost let him not stint

For gifts. And seeks

The prize is given to all for a year,

That the people were happy.

To work team

And that everyone had the strength

To be yourself!

Let the problems all go away,

With them - pain and hopelessness!

Together with happiness at the gate,

New Year is knocking at us!

Plans are new, ideas,

We reach a new goal!

Many different achievements,

Only competent decisions!

And the incomes are big,

Days of good, labor!

At home - joy, warmth,

A lot of good!

We will not work today,

Waiting for a magical miracle.

Happy New Year, we congratulate each other:

Let the year be monetary, joyful.

In the New Year, dear colleagues,

I will enter you with luck I wish.

Let fate give you amulets.

With a winter fairy tale, I congratulate you!

They waited, finally came

Two thousand and sixteen year!

Let us have enough of our spiritual strength,

To live, work among all adversities.

Let the peaks appear now

Far as the stars in the sky.

They will obey us, give us an hour,

We will be together on Olympus!

Happy New Year! With a new triumph!

Let it be in the coming year

We have enough everywhere and everything -

If anything, I'll bring it.

Let the woman smile with a smile,

Let men believe in their success,

Let the authorities in the next year

Praises the work of all-all-all!

All my employees,

From bosses to colleagues,

Happy New Year congratulations

I can in a difficult time.

After a couple of days

The hour comes,

And the new will run

Days for many of us:

The approximations of new plans,

Maybe even firing

Those who are not so ready to live.

In the twists and turns of the new days

I want to wish you

Ideal being a colleague

And work does not suffer.

A pile of different cases, papers

A task is more complicated

It's easy to always decide.

The tree shines with lights,

And the champagne sparkles.

A year has passed successfully by us,

Let, colleagues, the year to come

Will be on the abundant gifts.

The daily bread will be easy,

Life is rich and stable.

How original congratulate colleagues with New year greetings in prose

Another original way is to dress up the Christmas tree and congratulate everyone in a festive atmosphere. Well and a hit of New Year's holidays at work, certainly, is a corporate party with incendiary dances, cheerful songs and congratulations. If a corporate evening is planned, prepare a congratulatory number. It can be a song, a dance, or an unusual congratulation in prose under musical accompaniment.

There could be no question of any success if our team did not take up the matter! It's time for annual reports, reconciliations, business plan approval. but behind all the figures and calculations is the painstaking work of professionals, without the skill of which no process is conceivable and no idea is embodied. The outgoing year was successful due to your knowledge and experience, patience and mutual assistance, ability to work in a team, respect for each other and dedication to the common cause! Let the coming year be reliable and stable for you and your loved ones, and dreams and goals will find their embodiment! We wish you peace and comfort to your families! Your well-being is the guarantee of our common success! Happy New Year, friends!

Dear Colleagues! And another year has come to an end! A little pity, because in the past go those wonderful events that rallied our team. But do not get upset, because there is still a lot of new that we have to go through together! May all that comes in the New Year bring to our collective only changes for the better, prosperity and growth of incomes! Happy new year dear friends!

My dear colleagues! I had a great luck in my life - to work with you! Happy New Year! I wish you and on this holiday and every day: the work of creative, successful finds, solutions as often as possible, recognizing your merits, but do not forget about the sense of humor in case of failures! Do not be afraid in the work of inspiration, surprise, experiments, it's worth it! But do not break away from reality, will be unclaimed. I wish you happiness and success!

We wish you, dear colleagues, at the very height of the New Year to catch your luck and firmly hold on until the next holiday! The very same to get caught in a network of happy fortune and not to get out of it all the long and joyful life path! With the New, by all means magic and sparkling, you have a year!

Let, colleagues, the New Year bring with it the ups and downs, the stable fulfillment of plans and the loyalty of the leadership. I wish that in the circle of close people, love and mutual understanding were expected, and at work - career growth and a rapid increase in wages! Success and peace of mind!

Colleagues, there comes a period of new achievements, creative victories, prosperity and success, and the mischievous Monkey, as a symbol of the coming year, let us bring us many surprises. Let's meet the New Year with dignity, and we will hold it at the same height! Only in aspirations and positive intentions is success born. Happy New Year, with new happiness, friends!

Congratulations on a wonderful winter holiday, which gives us not only a fairy tale, but also wonderful New Year holidays. Let there be more days off in the new year, less work, and a higher salary. Let the household members, employees, please, please, and the good mood does not leave neither at home, nor at work.

Colleagues, you are so passionate about the work that you do not notice the approach of the New Year. Distract from daily worries and think about tasty tangerines, Bengal lights and bubbles of champagne. Of course, you are waiting for new victories, professional growth and a beautiful salary, but it will be later. For now, rejoice in the upcoming fun and rest!

Congratulations to our valiant and united team on the New Year! Let each of us get everything he wants in him, which he secretly dreamed about and saw in the best dreams! Let all the tasks in the new year, be fulfilled on time, with the maximum profit and with a wonderful mood!

Dear colleagues, Happy New Year! Let's leave the statuette of the wooden goat to our memory, and for the new year we will prepare another talisman - diligence and purposefulness. Let the coming year make each of us richer for luck, love, happy moments and interesting memorable projects. Let the fiery Monkey cook only pleasant surprises, and give each of us luck and prosperity in everything. Happy New Year!

It is often recalled not a gift, but the way congratulations were presented. You can make it original: write on postcards, beautiful leaves and spread out on the cabinet. The options how to initially congratulate colleagues on the New Year is actually a lot, but only sincerity and a positive mood will make it special.