They say how you will meet the New Year, so you will spend it. Recently, many people wish to celebrate this holiday near Moscow, and this is not surprising. The Moscow region offers its clients original holiday offers: shows, competitions, fireworks, sleigh rides, skis and the like. New Year 2016 in the suburbs is a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the rich nature. In addition, the holiday offers are designed for different prosperity and preferences.

New Year in the Moscow region: features

Holidays are eagerly awaited not only by children. New Year's Eve in Moscow is an opportunity to plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of surprises, gifts and fine mood, and winter landscapes will only reinforce the illusion of a New Year's fairy tale. Almost all holiday homes, hotels, boarding houses arrange banquets on New Year's Eve. Without them, as a rule, cottages and objects of economy class are bypassed.

Meet New Year's holidays near Moscow is fashionable for many reasons. As evidenced by the reviews, the level of service and offered entertainment are similar to those in Europe, but prices are much lower, which is important in the current economic situation. Each proposal is unique in its own way: somewhere it's better to meet 2016 in a noisy company, somewhere it's useful to spend time with children.

New year 2016 in the suburbs: leisure options

Before heading to the New Year 2016 in the suburbs, it is necessary to decide on the type of recreation, choose the place where to stay. The Moscow region offers various options.

Rest in conjunction with treatment

Holiday homes, boarding houses, sanatoriums, health centers will allow you to have a great rest, and also to receive medical treatment. However, before buying a voucher, it is necessary to specify the schedule of work of specialists.

Boarding houses are now a popular holiday destination and a meeting of the New Year. These are modern recreational complexes with sports grounds, medical centers, ski slopes. The rooms here are inexpensive and comfortable. The choice of boarding houses is huge: "Friendship", "Buran", "Solar meadow" and others.

Holiday homes are modern entertainment and recreation complexes with gyms, dance floors, saunas. The currently popular option is Zavidovo.

Stay the workforce

Hotels, boarding houses are ready to offer their clients interesting offers for recreation by the whole labor collective. These are more expensive options for the type of "all inclusive". In the New Year's Eve 2016 entertaining programs, shows, competitions, masquerades, original surprises and many other interesting things are expected.

For people who want to meet holidays in a relaxed atmosphere, there are cottages, houses. From cottage buildings and small hotels are "Ulitkino", "Tuchkovo", "Valley of the Oriole". There are baths, skating rinks, gyms, small zoos. Cottage or house - a budget option for a fun company, couples, families. For those wishing to fish, to swim in the ice-hole, to enjoy the beauty of the wild nature, one should pay attention to "Aleksino Istra".

New year 2016 with children

A large number of sanatoriums for recreation with the whole family are located in Simferopol, Mozhaysk, Gorky, Kashirskoye Shosse. Visitors come here with children of different ages, so the child will have a company. Playgrounds, entertainment centers and much more are waiting for their visitors.

In the suburbs you can spend the winter holidays completely. A lot of people dream of resting from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Such pastime will benefit children, adults and couples in love. Holiday holidays can be combined with a cultural program, visiting such places as:

  • Arkhangelskoye estate
  • old Russian cities Kolomna and Dmitrov;
  • Borisoglebovsky the monastery and other.

What else can I do while I am relaxing with children? There are plenty of options: skating, skiing, playing snowballs, making a snowman, just forget about problems and plunge into childhood with your head!

Where in Moscow to celebrate New year 2016 inexpensive

And this is real too! Near Moscow there are many inexpensive hotels in the places of old recreation centers, boarding houses. However, cheap - does not mean boring. Billiards, karaoke, excursions, as well as the cleanest air, untouched nature, forests and breathtaking winter landscapes to the services of visitors.

Comfortable rooms are decorated modestly, but cozy. Budget options offer customers everything they need, but no frills. Positive impressions and unforgettable pastime at the meeting of 2016 are guaranteed.

New Year 2016 in the suburbs involves a lot of interesting options. Which one to choose depends on the budget and preferences. Each version is original in its own way. The main thing is to decide in advance where to celebrate the holiday, and to purchase permits. The cost of the tour does not necessarily include the cost of the banquet. In addition, it may be necessary to rent sports equipment and other additional services. It is advisable to do everything in advance, as the prices closer to the expected date tend to increase many times.