Santa Claus accepts messages from children all year round. Before the New Year, funny and serious letters are poured into his mailbox in batches. He has to read both printed letters and the clumsy handwriting of first-graders. Pixies in the form of pictures (painted letters) the old man also knows how to decipher. The main thing in time to send letters to Santa Claus from children, and already to the addressee they somehow get.

How many letters Santa Claus received for his life, no one knows. By the way, to write a letter to a bearded old man, it is not necessary to be a child. Each adult person can also send a letter to Santa Claus asking to receive a coveted gift, the fulfillment of desires. They say that the fairy magician with pleasure reads and responds to letters, fulfills the wishes of children and adults who believe in him.

Funny, touching letters to Santa Claus from children, adults

Magic in the children's world - a rare phenomenon, and in the adult - and even more so. If you want to give a child a fairy tale, send along with him the original message to the bearded old man, and then the gift presented to the child will be much more expensive for him.

So, the pencils are sharpened, there is a sheet of paper on the table and a quite natural question arises: "And what to write in the letter to the grandfather?". We present the original collection of the most touching, funny, serious letters to Father Frost from children and adults.

Letters to Santa Claus from children in prose

  • Hello, Santa Claus! I congratulate you with coming holidays! I know you have a lot of work, so I write a short: this year I tried, did well in school and helped her mother. Sometimes I had to be obedient. I guess I half composed of disobedience. But I'm trying! Because I love parents and grandmother. Santa Claus, please bring gifts to the parents and me! Thank you!
  • Hello, dear Santa! I've never written you, but now you had the chance. This is probably no accident. You have heavy role, grandpa, but what a pleasure: to make happy all people – both minor and major. I want to wish you, grandpa, long years of reign, good health and ever-burning coals for your fire that warms our childhood and our memories.

For myself and my family, I ask you to enjoy joy, warmth, love and optimism, and everything else I will do myself. The Christmas tree is already ready, but I would like to receive a small gift from you.

  • Hello, Grandfather Frost! If you the New year will be boring – come to visit us! We have no chimney, but there is a bell at the entrance door, so we'd love to have you empty. Our address on the envelope.

Funny letters from children in verse

Hello, Grandfather frost, cotton beard!
Give me a pair of skis, better than my brother.
I also give you cute kitty
  To fluff the fact that there is a sister.

Give the phone to me – to most-most,
Games so there was more in it than in mobile mothers.
Give me a laptop, but not as Pope
  "Stalker" does not go on it - he is vidyuhu weak.

And don't come without a bike –
To quickly that chasing that is a neighbor.
Well, everything. I can't wait first make I.
  You will not give - I will tell everyone that you are a spiteful uncle!

Hello, grandfather frost
Cotton beard.
In the past year why they came
To my sister drunk?
Somewhere cap is ripped,
Lost gifts
The song "Oh, frost" I yelled
Slept under the arch?
Did not bring my sister and me
You skeytbordy frisky...
Try, a good Grandfather,
  To reach us is sober.

Letters to Santa Claus from adults

Adults also want sometimes to feel like a child. Many of them, like children, believe that dreams, conceived on New Year's Eve, will come true, and some even send serious and funny letters to grandfather. That's what adults write about in their messages to the fairy-tale hero.

Funny letters to Santa Claus girls

Dear santa claus! In this New Year I would like everyone to become kinder, and I'm prettier. There will be time, make men smarter, but if you have no time, then just send me a twenty-five-year-old ski instructor. In general, me and Jake Gyllenhaal will come down. (It's about the same as Brad Pitt, only younger.) Another guy from cologne advertising is the one who runs naked around the apartment, kicks a pillow, and then sits down in an armchair and gazes so zyrk-zyrk!

Hello Dedushka Moroz! To begin with, I always believed in you, even when I went to school and there they told me that Santa Claus did not happen when I went to college, and everyone laughed at my faith. In general, I think that for my loyalty, I can ask you for gifts.

And I would very much like to get to know you personally, so our family will be glad to see you. Thank you, Grandfather, for your kindness and accept our sincere congratulations!

Before the New Year is still a long time, but I'm starting to ask now that you do not otmazalsya that I'm late. So that's it. The brain, as I understand it, you do not intend to give me. Fill, that is, give, a little adequacy. Honest, it is very necessary. Please, do it so that either in the day was a couple of hours more, or that I could get enough sleep for 3 hours.

Then, I ask that the chiefs were men, because, judging by the results of last year, menopause and PMS you to stop. I also want honesty from yourself and others.

While everything, before the New Year, maybe I'll think of something else, but you can give me a birthday. Although, you're not on these cases. I want to note that I have behaved with dignity all year, I loved children, parents, friends and patients.

With gifts, I promise to act sensibly.

Santa Claus! I want to ask you for a new metabolism. The one who at a cormorant will approach me: this bird manages to eat for a day more than weighs itself, and in hips does not recover at all. In my opinion, this is unfair. Slim hips are much more necessary for women than for some cormorants. Of course, I convince myself that if I eat bread for breakfast, not taste different from the wrapper in which they are packed, then sooner or later I will turn into Kate Moss. But we both understand, dear grandfather, that this is not so. Therefore - cormorants. Remember!

Give yourself a New Year's fairy tale, but what if a bearded old man fulfills a cherished dream? The main thing is to believe in it for real.

Funny letters to Santa Claus from adults

So, nice Beard!
Preparing, I suppose?
Write the application, as always,
If you don't let me down.
And then, there are the Santa Claus one
Last year was
Promised gifts, damn
  And bring forgot.

I strongly do not ask for much,
Don't worry, Red Nose,
I now list wrote:
Computer, vacuum cleaner, iron, sheepskin,
Oven & grill, mobile phone (preferably three),
Set, perfume, car,
That husband see.
Champagne – of course
And a couple of brandy
Well, there, midnight snack what
  And then completely melancholy.

Everything in the bag is positive,
That was in the mind.
  And not fit - well then!

I'll take the euras.

Because you have, fuck
(As sorcerer),
Financially support
  Decent people!

Writing again, though not believe
Something will come true now
But I do not shut the door
  And I'm waiting ... for already an hour ...

You for me got a surprise,
That our friendship will not drop?
Look, grandpa, Striptease,
  What will the Snow Maiden do to us?

But the current that it was
a little younger than my grandfather!
Not the one you brought yesterday!
  With such pockmarked, clumsy mug!

And no more of cellulite ass!
In the end, it's not a cow
And it will send you back.
  Well, everything! Till! Be healthy!

All adults once wrote letters to a fairy magician. Someone asked for a gift, someone invited him to visit, someone complained about something. Everyone who believed in a fairy tale, dreams were fulfilled. So let the letters to Santa Claus from children, adults bring closer the fulfillment of the cherished dream!

When the letter is ready, you need to put it in an envelope, seal it, write down the address and put it in the mailbox. You can write to Santa Claus at several addresses. One is the city of Veliky Ustyug in the north of Russia. The second is Lapland in Finland. You can send to any address. And do not forget about the magic mail: a freezer, socks, a window sill, a Christmas tree in a park and so on.

Dear grandfather frost! Every year after New year, I regretted not wrote you, and now, long before the New year, do it in the hope of a miracle:)
I ask you to make me start working full-time, with such a salary that it's enough to transport my mother to my place and live with her in happiness and contentment. To stop being fired after each probation period, so that people who interfere with life simply do not come across me and leave me alone. Send me, finally, please the man who will make me happy. Let me and my family, relatives, people around be healthy and let there always be peace.

Santa Claus I want the iPhone 6

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