Since ancient times, in many cultures, it was decided to have a hen and stag party before the wedding. The bride's closest girlfriends and, of course, the culprit of the celebration were gathered at the hen party. She sang sad songs together with her friends and said goodbye to her carefree girlish life and her parents' house. Today, modern brides also organize the girls' party before the wedding, but the main difference between the modern bridal shower and the girls of the past is a cheerful and original evening. There are many different ideas for organizing and organizing a hen party. We present to your attention some of them.

Creative ideas for a bachelorette party

The hen party is an obligatory stage of preparation for the wedding. Usually the bride's close friends are engaged in the organization of the hen party, who know the character and mood of the bride better than anyone else. A hen party can be held, as at home, and in a cafe, restaurant, club. The main condition is a fun and memorable scenario.

Remember! By tradition, the main condition for any bachelorette party is the absence of men.

So, how to arrange and where to spend a bachelorette party. Ideas in front of you:

  • The first option is to mark a bachelorette at home. At home, you can retire with your friends and arrange an evening of memories of various funny or sad stories related to a free and carefree life. For this case it is very good to prepare several bottles of good wine in advance, fruits and, probably, a hookah
  • The second option is a restaurant or a cozy cafe. If the girlfriends want to spend this evening in a quiet environment, you can order a separate room or try to choose a quiet place where no one can interfere with communication
  • The third option is for those who like reckless fun. Visiting a night club where you can arrange very cheerless seeing-off of a free life
  • The fourth option is not quite a traditional idea: visiting a sauna or a spa. This option is very popular when organizing a bachelorette party because, firstly, before a wedding, a good sauna will help to remove fatigue and calm nerves, and secondly, this option provides an opportunity for close communication of the women's company. The hen party at the spa will help the bride and her girlfriends to bring themselves and their body into the finest shape and look brilliant at the wedding
  • The fifth option - the quest - for fans of charades and puzzles. Girlfriends must think ahead of all to the smallest detail, at the end of solving puzzles the bride must meet a festive table with champagne, after which everyone will be able to see the video with the previous quest adventures of the bride
  • The sixth option - for extreme lovers - is to book a balloon flight for a girl's party, where under the very clouds the bride can say goodbye to the girl's life, and to get the maximum extreme it is also quite appropriate to make a jump from the parachute. Festive banquet in nature is better to arrange after the flight

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  • The seventh option - romantic - evening driving around the city on a limousine or, if there is a nearby river, or the sea, then on a yacht. It's always fun: to ride around the night city and visit various entertainment establishments, moving from one place to another
  • The eighth option - a photo session - this idea of ​​a hen party will also be very attractive to all the fair sex, it's no secret that every girl wants to feel like a model and create her portfolio. To do this, it is necessary to prepare many different outfits and ornaments, which will be necessary in the process of photographing. Also for thematic photos you can make a bride's improvised bridal veil yourself. And, of course, you need to take care of a good photographer in advance

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Games for bachelorette party

In order that the girl's party did not pass like a usual feast, it is necessary to prepare in advance various competitions and games that everyone will like. When choosing and preparing for games it is necessary to take into account the subject of the hen party and necessarily the temperament of the invited girlfriends.

If the party is organized in a certain style, then entertainment and musical accompaniment should be appropriate. If, for example, a girl in Hawaiian style, then you can arrange a small competition for the transition through a tight rope. And on a girlish girl in a vampire style or a witch's coven, divination is perfect. After all, almost all girls love this entertainment. By the way, you can guess at wax, on coffee grounds or in any other way.

For any bachelorette party you can use the following games:

  • Phantas - a fashionable game of the past centuries. Participants in the game in a dark pouch put their small personal items, for example: lipstick, key chain, hair clip and so on. Then one of the things is stretched out around the circle and the mistress of this fantasy must fulfill one of the desires: tell a verse, sing a song or eat an apple
  • Carousel of desires - for this entertainment it is necessary to prepare various tasks in advance, which can be written on cards. Playing, the girls take turns choosing cards and performing the task specified in them. The main thing is that the tasks are not impracticable
  • The image of animals - the idea of ​​this amusing competition is that one of the participants in the bachelorette depicts a certain animal, and the others must guess it. But the essence of the game is that as long as the girl is preparing to portray the animal indicated to her, the lead of the contest informs the rest of the girls who should specifically call the wrong answer

Stylized hen parties

Stylized hen parties, such as the cowboy or vampire style, as well as the rocker or playboy bachelorette party, in the style of Coco Chanel, the retro bachelorette party or the sports one have become quite popular recently. For example, the thematic parties are distinguished by the originality of the costumes, as well as the selection of games and drawings according to the chosen style.

For example, a bachelorette party in the style of Coco Chanel is distinguished by its elegance and elegance. All girls should be dressed in stylish black dresses, accessories: beads made of pearls, rectangular handbags and perfect make-up. As entertainment, you can arrange a good French film, fashion show, play a card game and, of course, French wine on the table, and French music in the hall.