As a rule, honeymoon planning is an important stage in preparation for the wedding. because the honeymoon is the first step in the family life of two loving people, and therefore it is worthwhile to approach it very seriously. Before the newlyweds there is a challenge to choose the type of holiday as an unforgettable honeymoon, which can be:

Remember! Wherever you will spend your honeymoon, the main thing – love and care about each other!

How to honeymoon: tips

You can spend your honeymoon in a relaxed home environment. In this case, you should be prepared for the fact that some household chores or working problems will distract you from communicating with each other.

If you decide to spend your honeymoon outside the walls of your home, then you should consider the following factors that are closely related to the choice of a place for a wedding holiday:

  • Financial situation
  • The passports
  • A visa to visit a particular country, as, for example, European countries require a Schengen visa for registration which will take at least two weeks

For those newlyweds who want to enjoy the sea, beach and idleness, it's best to go to Turkey or Egypt right after the wedding - no visa is required and all services are included in the tour price. But it's worth remembering that beach hotels in Turkey accept tourists from April to November and only Egypt - all the year round. Rest in Turkey can be diversified by visiting the hamam, sightseeing trips to various attractions, rafting (descent along the mountain river), shopping and other. In Egypt, we recommend to visit the pyramids or go on a trip to the desert.

If the family budget allows, then you can afford a honeymoon on the islands. For example, on the fabulously beautiful island of Mahe. The island of Mahe is one of the many islands of the Seychelles archipelago, located near the eastern coast of Africa. The beauty of the exotic nature, warm Indian Ocean and unique beaches will allow you to get maximum pleasure from the rest. On the island of Mahe the newlyweds, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature and the ocean, can make romantic walks on numerous yachts, considering the sights of the island landscape, and if you want to warm up a bit, you can try to dive with scuba divers into the underwater world or learn how to operate a sail board. Be assured, the island of Mahe is a small paradise for lovers.

You can also have a great honeymoon in the Bahamas, where among the unique natural landscape are luxurious hotels, and coral reefs and endless pure beaches will conquer the hearts of the newlyweds.

In the Hawaiian Islands, in addition to beach holidays, a loving young couple will plunge into a sea of ​​joy, fun and incendiary dances.

Ideal for a honeymoon vacation for Tahiti, Fiji, the Dominican Republic and other paradise island corners of the globe.

Video “Honeymoon in the Maldives”

Tip! Chosen place for a honeymoon have to be a romantic flair, uniqueness and beauty!

The best European destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon

If the newlyweds decided to spend their honeymoon in Europe, then they need to take care of getting a Schengen visa in advance. The most popular European cities for a honeymoon are Paris, Rome, Prague and, of course, Venice.

Having stopped the choice on travel across Europe, the newlyweds will receive a multifaceted pleasure from cognitive excursions, architecture, shopping, cozy cafes and the atmosphere reigning in ancient small European small towns.

According to the number of tourists, Paris, as always, is in the first place. Here, lovers can order dinner on board a small cozy motor ship, which with a sightseeing tour goes along the river Seine: before the lovers will open beautiful views of Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc. Lovers can wander for hours on the narrow streets of Paris, enjoying the freedom and love, which imbued the entire Parisian air. In the evening, we recommend you to visit unforgettable Muelen Rouge or Lido variety shows, as well as retire to some cozy French cafe. From Paris you can easily reach the Atlantic coast of France, where you can soak up the spacious beaches of Deauville, eat plenty of fresh oysters and drink a glass of fine French wine. You can also visit the amusement park "Disneyland", which is located near Paris.

Rome - this eternal city can not be better suited to rest for lovers of antiquity: the Coliseum, the numerous fountains and the ancient architecture of the city will amaze you with its monumental ancient beauty. Also here you can buy a sightseeing tour for every taste, for example, in other regions of Italy: the island of Sicily or the city of Pompeii, where a beautiful landscape opens on the extinct volcano Vesuvius.

Venice is a great choice for all romantics and lovers without exception. In Venice, you can wander for hours on the intricate maze of streets and bridges, watch as during the tide goes under the water the central square. A walk on the gondola deserves special attention, because only in Venice you can afford such a romantic adventure.

Prague and Budapest

Prague and Budapest are rightfully considered the pearls of Europe. Walking along the winding streets of the ancient parts of the city, the newlyweds can get to know more closely the national color, cuisine and history of these similar and unlike countries. Have fun and get a lot of positive emotions in any national tavern, which is a great variety. Lovers of noisy parties here are waiting for numerous night clubs and discos for every taste.

Ski resort

If the honeymoon coincides with the winter period of the year and the newlyweds like active leisure, then the best way to spend a honeymoon is skiing. In Europe, there are many ski resorts with a very developed infrastructure. These resorts have all the necessary equipment and equipment for skiers and snowboarders. And in order to relieve fatigue, we recommend visiting the thermal baths in the open air, taking advantage of the services of spa salons, ordering a relaxing whole body massage and wrapping in warm blankets, enjoying hot mulled wine, listening to the crackling of firewood in the fireplace.

Romantic honeymoon in Russia – useful tips

Very often newlyweds choose to vacation abroad, completely forgetting that houses in Russia, there are many amazing and romantic places for lovers to relax. For example, you can perfectly spend a honeymoon in St. Petersburg, enjoying the splendor of palaces and fountains, as well as admiring the panorama of white nights in the summer.

Newlyweds can spend a honeymoon on a cruise along the Golden Ring of Russia. Thanks to this tour, you can not only relax, but also learn about the history of your country by visiting various historical sites, fortresses and monasteries.

Excellent it is possible to spend a honeymoon in Sochi, where tropical nature, clean mountain air and gentle sea will not only allow you to forget about everything, but relax your soul and body. After all, Sochi is a comprehensive resort, where you can not only luxuriate on the beach, but also go hiking through the mountains and gorges, that is, to arrange a real tourist adventure. In the hike you will discover all the power and beauty of the wild nature and underground caves, and swimming in mountain waterfalls, and jumping on mountainous winding roads.

Tip: If the place of honeymoon selected, when booking it is recommended to specify that you are newlyweds. Almost all hotels will give you special room for couples, as well as in the room you would expect a small surprise – a gift, most often in the form of a bottle of sparkling wine and basket of fruit.